10 Asian Makeup Ideas & Inspiration

It has been said that beauty gurus from around the world have always been in awe when it comes to Asian makeup simply because it helps to make anyone’s face seemingly flawless and absolutely stunning. Though there are hundreds of secrets when it comes to Asian makeup most of it comes from the preparation of the skin before the makeup is applied. The most important part of Asian makeup before and after is to make sure that your skin is the perfect base for any makeup that is going to be applied. By finding a soft bristled brush and gently scrubbing at the skin on your face, you will be getting rid of any extra dead skin cells. These dead skin cells are responsible for making your face look tired and dull when you really want to be vibrant and fresh.

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As you can see from the lady above, less is always more for Asian makeup techniques. The first thing that every makeup user should know is that BB creams can be a great way to either prime your face or to make sure that your face looks fresh and dewy throughout the day. It is essentially a tinted moisturizer that is very light on your skin and is responsible for evening your skin tone and reducing the appearance of any breakouts.


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Want to have that youthful look like the one shown above? Do not scrimp on moisturizer, then, because moisturizers should always be applied to the face before any makeup as it helps to nourish your skin and make sure that you are sufficiently moisturized throughout the day. Anti-aging creams seem to be the moisturizers of choice for Asian women but it is important that you find a formula that accommodates your skin type (dry, oily, combination, etc.) and that also has sunscreen.


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That woman that you see above can either be a teenager or a 50-year old lady but it really is hard to see the difference. Asian makeup do not conform to heavy application common to Western countries because in Asia, less is more. Experiment on that makeup style that is light yet emphasizes the natural beauty of the face.


4. From polyvore.com


You might be wondering why a woman who looks like a Westener is featured above. You might be surprised that there are now many features like that in many Asian countries especially in countries, like the Philippines, that are often visited by foreigners. Even so, notice the light makeup application on the model’s face that is a trademark of Asian makeup style.


5. From flickr.com


One look at the woman above and you can definitely tell that she is an Asian. However, the makeup style being sported is not the usual Asian style that you see since it is bolder and more eccentric than usual. It is not impossible to see some ladies wearing this style of makeup since Asians are also heavily into the arts and expressions.


6. From Asma


India is in Central Asia so these two Indian ladies are featured above to show how their makeup style is. Notice the light colors of makeup as well that helped emphasize their natural beauty and grace. The eyes are usually highlighted and given more detailed care making them more expressive and tantalizing.


7. From luulla.com


This Asian model seen above looks fresh and flawless mainly because of the type of makeup that was applied – mineral makeup. This type of makeup delivers flawless coverage and acts as skincare as well as improves the quality of skin over time. That is one of the secrets to Asian beauty that keeps their skin looking more radiant and younger.


8. From micahgianneli.com


Asians, like the one above, do not always go for the light makeup style because their sense of art makes them want to experiment. Note, however, the emphasis on the eyes made more alluring by the shade of eye makeup that was expertly applied. Bold, red lipsticks are also used by many in Asia since they complement their flawless skin.


9. From les-yeux-de-feu.tumblr.com


Though not usually seen when you walk around the streets of Asia, the style applied on the model above can be seen in special events and plays that Asians are fond of. Of course, we know that nobody has ever had orange eyes but Asians likes to experiment with contact lenses so seeing different colored eyes are not that uncommon.


10. From Stylecraze


This face is the traditional look that Asians are known for. See the very light blush and even application of makeup on the face paired with eye makeup that emphasize those dark, deep eyes that are provocative and mysterious. Also, most Asians only use lip gloss since their lip colors are usually naturally pink or red.

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