10 Best Boho Mobile Lightroom Presets

In the digital age where social media trend involves posting unique pictures for traveling, food, and other photos that capture momentous and memorable experiences, it is common to find boho mobile lightroom presets very helpful when making the presentation. These presets can bring a unique feature to your pictures. Using the lightroom tool can make the captured images come to life and mobile lightroom presets can make it easier to bring out the best thing about your captured images.


Boho Lightroom presets allow you to give your images the vintage color and appearance by changing the hues and adjust the tones in matte or brighter and bring out an ethereal glow on the images. If you cannot bring this kind of effect to your captured images on your own, you can always use these 10 best boho mobile lightroom presets to start your creativity.


10 Best Boho Mobile Lightroom Presets


1. Moody Flourish Preset

This lightroom preset allows you to bring out a captivating moment where you are lost somewhere that is reflective of your contemplative mood. The preset highlights balanced bright colors and edgy dark effects while keeping a cool tone that will highlight the moody shadow on your image details. The moody flourish preset is ideal for travelers, cinematic photography, adventure moments, and weddings. It also best captures the mood of the weather and the surrounding beauty of nature.

website: flourishpresets.com/

2. PHLearn

This bohemian lightroom preset provides warm presets that emphasize earthy colors in soft tones and natural effects. Its soft colors have creamy, warm colors and lower contrast. If you prefer presets that can soften the image with a subdued look this preset is a good choice as it gives your images a natural look. The tool also gives you better control in achieving a matte look for your images. It helps reduce flashy and bright lights and reduces the distracting elements on your image.

website: phlearn.com/tutorial/lightroom-presets-bohemian/


3. Boho Dreams

The creator of this boho lightroom preset is Chantelle Flores who derived his works from his travel experiences as a lifestyle and travel photographer. The preset allows you to achieve a professional-looking travel photo with a warm touch in just a few clicks. It comes with a nude effect that brings out the beautiful details of your photos. The designs are inspired by his travels to almost 65 countries making them uniquely different from the other boho lightroom presets. It is available in both desktop and mobile preset and is highly compatible with Lightroom 5, 6, and classic.

website: filtergrade.com/product/12-x-lightroom-presets-boho-dreams-presets-nude-presets-travel/


4. Boho Chic

This boho mobile lightroom preset is a minimalist-designed preset ideal for blogging. Its features include bringing more colors to your images while maintaining the details and substance in your photos. It works best on camera raw images and is fully editable and suited for customization. The preset works best with high-resolution images and with high-quality DLSR.

website: filtergrade.com/product/boho-chic-fashion-style-lightroom-presets/


5. Bohemian Light

This boho mobile lightroom preset is designed to create a chic and simple bohemian-inspired preset for Lightroom editing. It gives your images light and airy appearance, which is perfect for fashion photography. Using the preset allows you to edit faster on mobile and to fine-tune the preset strength of its opacity feature.

website: elements.envato.com/20-bohemian-light-lightroom-presets-and-luts-RVYYV63


6. Bohemian Vibes

This boho mobile lightroom preset is designed to give you a professional editing tool that is optimized for blogging and professional photography. If you are looking for a preset that will provide a moody shade or vintage effects, this one is a good choice. Influencers are using this boho mobile lightroom preset on their Instagram photos. To use the preset you need to have access to Adobe.

website: creativemarket.com/studio25presets/4007311-Bohemian-lightroom-preset


7. Boho Wedding

This preset is created specifically for wedding photos. It brings the photos to come to life with artistic background and comes with a vintage copper filter. This gives the wedding photos appear with a warm color accent. Most professional photographers use this preset for weddings with a bohemian theme to fully accentuate the image’s look and feel. The preset is ideal for indoor and outdoor wedding photography. Using this boho mobile lightroom preset is also best for weddings with venues held outdoor close to nature.

website: presetlove.com/presets/boho-wedding/


8. Bohemian Soul

Your images will be editable with softened brown and green tones that will give a rustic boho appearance. It comes in bright, contrast, darker, and warm presets that allow you to adjust the photo lighting, contrast, and colors to achieve your desired look and feel. You will not need access to Adobe to use the preset.

website: www.etsy.com/listing/759961027/4-mobile-lightroom-bohemian-presets-boho?ref=shop_home_feat_3


9. Boho Tones

This preset for mobile lightroom effects adds rich, warm tones to your photographs while retaining the brightness on the image without causing any destructive result on the image quality. Its filters are commonly used for fashion, travel, and wedding photography and also popular for photo shoots, landscape, food, portrait images, and blogging photography. Social media influencers are also known to use this preset for their social media photos.

website: creativetacos.com/boho-tones-lightroom-preset/


10. Bohemian Blogger Insta-Theme

This boho mobile lightroom preset gives an earthly bohemian effect on images. It comes with 10 presets to choose from that can enhance the warm tones of your photos in yellow, orange, and red colors, as well as giving earthy tones in green or blue colors. These effects create vibrant, faded, or moody effects and feel on your photos without bringing drastic changes to the photo quality. This preset is ideally used for Instagram posts.

website: freepreset.net/bohemian-blogger-lightroom-presets-2400478.html

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