10+ Best CPA Website Examples & Inspirations

For CPAs, crafting a website can help them land clients which can help them grow the business from retainers. Of course, there’s so much beyond a fantastic business module — how they present themselves factors in their success too. With this in mind, it’s fair to learn from these 10+ Best CPA Website Examples & Inspirations. Surely, you can take inspiration from what works for them that might be something you can incorporate into yours.

10+ Best CPA Website Examples & Inspirations

1. Rina Accounts & Advisors

Rina Accountants and Advisors CPA Website Examples

Simple yet professional, Rina Accounts & Advisors sport a minimalist website layout with different sections that highlight their story and services. Quite wordy, they still managed to add call-to-action buttons and a team overview to get to know their team better. Besides this, the menu bar on top allows you quick navigation that can improve the browsing experience a lot.

2. Bean Ninjas

Bean Ninjas has a predominantly green motif throughout their accounting website. This helps them establish their company identity and with colour psychology, green is also associated with money. Furthermore, video clips are also prepared to elaborate on each of their services. This makes it more interactive and since their team member is present in the video, it also encourages human connection with the business. Testimonials and awards were also enumerated to showcase their track record and impress potential clients.

3. BDO

BDO CPA Website Examples

One of the best CPA website examples and inspirations,  BDO is modern and professional. Their understanding of organization goes a long way — they have a menu that’s mapped out well. From the industry they’re serving to the services offered, they put the navigation experience first. Scrolling further, insights and articles are put together for more reading material. Lastly, the map by the end with their branches pinned down is also perfect for those who see the areas they’re serving.

4. Abacai

Another accountant website example to check out, Abacai has a modern and neat layout. They added round elements which lessened the stiffness of the business personality and the use of a business person helped them with their narrative. Call-to-action button was also placed to encourage positive action and generate leads without needing to scroll further down. In another section, icons were also used to signal those who skim and see what they’re looking for with ease.

5. Verdant

Verdant CPA Website Examples

Verdant wows us with their immersive video embedded on the landing page. This features their business process as if giving a glimpse of what working with them will look like. Moreover, they added minimalist sections that include their category links and bits of information about their services. Each segment has a brief copy that also implemented tactics for improved readability. To bridge communication, a chat plug-in was also added.

6. Berdon

A professional CPA website example, Berdon has a slideshow banner which showcases the highlights of their company with a quick overview and call-to-action button. Besides this, they also implemented sections that introduce the company further. They have a meet-the-team section along with articles about the trends and current events in the industry.

7. LA Bookkeeping

LA Bookkeeping CPA Websites

Quite youthful but organized, LA Bookkeeping wows us with its impressive accounting website inspiration. They kept it simple without much clutter and used bright colour accents to make the call-to-action button stand out from the rest. At their footer, they listed down the industries they cater for and other links to their other pages such as contact details or if you want to read more about the company background.

8. Acuity

Acuity is easy to navigate and an extremely helpful website to check in the industry. Important call-to-action buttons are highlighted on the upper right. Furthermore, they also added geometrical patterns and bits of colours to attract the attention of the visitor. This will pique their curiosity and encourage them to read further.

9. David Greene

David Greene CPA Website Examples

Premium accounting website to check out, David Greene has one of the best CPA website examples you can visit now. His website used a lively shade of green that adds youthfulness and gives off a positive vibe to the visitor. Furthermore, he also kept it clutter-free and simply added call-to-action buttons or links to his other pages.

10. Alexander Lievens

Alexander Lievens has a more muted colour palette that banks on how authoritative they are — being in the business for quite some time. They are someone to trust with important things and the website itself aims to communicate that through mission-oriented copy.  Associations with other organizations are also added to help further strengthen their position in the industry.


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