10 Best Creamy Mobile Lightroom Presets

Photography editing is made easier using lightroom presets that offer a more convenient way of achieving the kind of look and feel that you want for your photos. There are different kinds of lightroom presets to choose from and one of the common favorites is the creamy mobile lightroom preset that gives your images a warmer tone. These presets are made conveniently available on mobile platforms that give you more freedom to instantly edit captured photos directly on your mobile device.


If you are not sure what creamy mobile lightroom preset to use for your images, we narrow down your options to those below.


10 Best Creamy Mobile Lightroom Presets

1. Cream for Lightroom Mobile CC

This mobile lightroom preset for mobile is designed to give your photos a creamy and matte appearance. It has an ivory toning effect that makes it great for still life floral and portrait photos. The preset is compatible with Android and IOS devices. The effects are best for raw pictures but also work well for those in JPEG format.

website: https://presetsgalore.com/product/free-creamy-mobile-lightroom-preset/


2. Creamy by Fallon Travels

This creamy mobile lightroom preset provides a bundle of pre-editing mobile presets in warm, dark, bright, cool, and original. It also comes with a natural photo filter for Instagram bloggers. The preset adds warm tones to the images you use on Instagram with a beige tone. It is also available in bright nude presets that are ideal for the use of social media influencers. The users of this creamy mobile lightroom preset are mostly bloggers, travelers, and creative individuals who maintain blogs sites.

website: https://www.etsy.com/listing/793553678/5-mobile-desktop-lightroom-presets


3. Creamy by 123PresetsCom

You can enjoy editing your photos with soft creamy tones with a bright and dreamy appearance, ivory toning, and smooth matte appearance with this creamy lightroom preset. It is ideal to use when you aim to create an eye-catching photo that gives a smooth skin tone and gorgeous appearance that are best for selfies. It has convenient editing features to create glowing skin tones and with a dominant black edge effect. It also works well without Adobe. This preset has a full customization option where you can edit anything you want for your photos.

website: https://www.etsy.com/listing/939861871/11-mobile-lightroom-presets-creamy


4. Creamy Kasey Jo Lightroom Mobile Preset

This lightroom preset created by Kasey Jo is designed to give Instagram bloggers a natural photo filter tool to give images a warm tone. It comes with different presets that allow you to edit the photos to adjust the tone not only with a warm effect but also with dark, cool and bright presets. The image effects will depend on the quality of the photos used, the lighting, and camera settings so you might want to adjust them as well before applying the different creamy lightroom presets.

website: https://www.etsy.com/listing/879629469/5-creamy-mobile-lightroom-presets


5. Creamy Portraits by City Turtles

It comes with vintage effects in black and white and 9 other presets in airy, light, vibrant, golden, heat, rustic, moody, cozy, and cool. The tool comes with features that provide a clean skin tone with rich colors. The best feature of this preset is its flexibility which makes it ideal for wedding, lifestyle, and couple photography. You can also choose from creamy tones, warm summery colors, and soft white tones. It also comes with a tutorial to guide beginners on how to use the preset and maximize their creativity.

website: https://www.etsy.com/listing/718515525/soft-airy-creamy-portraits-lightroom


6. Creamy by Peaches Presets

You will get 4 creamy presets that perfectly fit portrait photos. It provides minimalist and beige effects that are ideal on photos taken under natural lightings such as in selfies and minimalist backgrounds. You may consider adjusting the original image first and tweak the settings to enhance the photos to maximize the effects of the preset. The creamy mobile lightroom preset also works with or without Adobe support.

website: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1087779251/4-creamy-lightroom-mobile-preset-creamy


7. Creamy Hazelnut by Falcon Travels

The presets have filters that are ideally used for lifestyle and travel images. It comes with a creamy hazelnut preset, a cappuccino coffee preset for bloggers, and warm brown photo editing for Instagram. The effects will create soft beige and hazelnut tones that can take your photos to a different level. It is perfect for creative bloggers and adventurous Instagram influencers who want to give their photos a unique creamy look.

website: https://www.etsy.com/listing/820805999/5-mobile-desktop-lightroom-presets


9. Creamy by Preset Design Photo

The preset is designed with a creamy and dreamy appearance of the photos made by professional digital creators. The editing features are consistent without causing harsh lighting or color change. The Lightroom preset are ideal for bloggers and Instagram photos. It comes with 10 presets for the free mobile lightroom platform.

website: https://www.etsy.com/listing/938819200/10-creamy-soft-presets-lightroom-presets


9. Papaya Cream by NesPresets

The Papaya Cream mobile creamy lightroom preset from NesPresets comes with a very straightforward effect that gives a dreamy and light theme. It comes in 10 preset collections that are ideal for Instagram photos and blogging. It is perfect for varieties of photos taken with friends, inside the house, professional photography, travel photos, adventures, nature photos, selfies, fashion, landscape, and street photography. The major feature of this preset is giving a softer, lighter, and creamier edit without compromising the skin tones on the photo. It can give a modern appearance to your photos with a consistent look on the images.

website: https://www.etsy.com/listing/881611718/10-mobile-lightroom-presets-papaya-cream


10. Romantic Creamy Magic by SonderDIGI

This is available in 8 creamy presets in black and white, cream moody, cream moody mint, cream golden light, cream golden, cream golden bright, cream golden light, and cream bright. The Lightroom presets are ideal for professional wedding photography but they are also great for Instagram and blog posts. Influences are also using this preset for lifestyle and outdoor photography. The effect of the preset depends on the quality of your photos and it is advised to do necessary adjustments to your photo to maximize the effects from the preset.

website: https://www.etsy.com/listing/961089439/8-natural-lightroom-desktop-mobile

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