10+ Best Criminal Defense Website Examples & Inspirations

Give hope for criminal defense clients and encourage fair due process under otherwise proven guilty with a good defense lawyer website. Create sections dedicated to showcasing data and previous statistics that can help potential clients put their trust in you. Without further delay, here are 10+ Best Criminal Defense Website Examples & Inspirations you can take a look at and get a few ideas to improve the business.

10+ Best Criminal Defense Website Examples & Inspirations

1. DDS Criminal Law

DDS Criminal Law

Also known as DDS Criminal Law, their website has mainly dark mature colours that help the business establish its authority in criminal defense. Furthermore, they use a banner with a famous quotation that probes accusations and encourages the fair due process. Using the weighing scale also adds to the visuals of a law firm. Scrolling further, we get a quick overview of their track record in the industry and what they can help you with. They also put their affiliations in a separate section to establish their credibility further.

2. Rishi Gill

Generating leads is his website’s primary role and it shows. Rishi Gill added numerous touchpoints for the site visitor to get in touch with him — through a direct line or the incorporated contact form within the landing page. At the same time, he also ensured that his navigational bar on top is easy to use for a smooth website experience. Moreover, sections for testimonials, media appearances, and case studies were added to showcase his excellent career track.

3. Nelson Knight

Knights Law Office Criminal Defense Website Design Examples

Since the website has a prominent bluish tone, Nelson Knight ensured that his call-to-action buttons so he opted to have it in yellow. A true contrast from dark blue, this helped him guide his site visitors to focus on the important stuff and take necessary actions positive to the business. Furthermore, he also incorporated a chat plug-in to encourage real-time communication and lead generation. There is also a section that emphasizes his stats as a criminal lawyer which can directly tap into the audience looking for help.

4. Davis Law Group

Using a snapshot of a day in court, Davis Law Group clearly communicates what they do. With this, they use an impactful headline that appeals to the emotion of the visitor. Scrolling further, we get to see their strong background in the business and affiliations. This help strengthens the rapport with the audience and boosts their credibility. Statistics and other articles with quantifiable data and potential losses are also included to establish the importance of working with a reputable lawyer.

5. Nathans Law

Nathans Law Criminal Defense Website Design Examples

Banking on their impressive track record and affiliations, Nathans Law knows how to leave a good first impression. They also have a menu bar on top with links directed to important sections to give more information about them and what they do. Moreover, the contact form was also incorporated within the landing page along with important call-to-action buttons. They added a section of their real results from previous cases which can help the potential client consider if they’re a good fit.

6. Jacksonville Defense

Directed to build rapport with site visitors and attract lead conversion, Jacksonville Defense used the lead attorney as the face of the brand. This helps bridge the gap between the digital realm and real life. Furthermore, they also added a live chat plug-in to keep urgent inquiries and messages attended on time.

7. The Law Office of Jerod Gunsberg

JG Criminal Defense Website Design Examples

With a minimalist website, The Law Office of Jerod Gunsberg focuses on putting together a landing page that directs clients to read through their content. A hit or miss since not all read nowadays, they can encourage select clients who then developed a deeper connection with the law office. A contact form and testimonials were further added as well to increase trustworthiness.

8. Law office of Joel Mann

Law Office of Joel Mann has a good criminal defense website design example you can check out. They implemented neat sectioning with also use of colours that are professional and modern. Moreover, the results they deliver are also enumerated to deepen trust along with their list of achievements and accolades.

9. Robert Helfend

Robert Helfend

Another criminal defense web design inspiration worth your time, Robert Helfend wows us with his straightforward and professional website. He listed his affiliations along with achievements to establish early his credibility in the industry. Besides this, he also added sections further down to tell his story and what services he offers to his potential clients.

10. Gold & Witham

Modern and sophisticated, Gold & Witham has a website landing page that’s simple yet impactful. They were able to add keywords in their copy and communicate what their specialization is more on. At the same time, they also embedded a video for a more immersive company vibe. Testimonials along with sharing of brand philosophy did them good as well in establishing a connection with visitors.


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