10 Best Digital Tools Which Make Students More Productive at The University

Meta Description: The mental health of students is vital in making them more productive with their tasks. These digital tools will lend the help that can make all the difference. Read up today!

As a university student, it might seem like you are always running out of time. You have back-to-back lectures, tests, seminars, assignments, and deadlines looming nearer. 

Thankfully, there is no point in drowning yourself in all that work in this era of technology. There are a lot of apps, essay helper, and methods out there to help you organize your time and maximize productivity.

All these methods above, along with various other apps we will be listing, are a sure way of maximizing your time as a university student, thereby finding more time for other passions.

These apps are: 


This is one of the best study apps to help you stay focused when working on your assignments. It is available on both iPhones and Android. Before you start any learning session, you plant an in-app forest. As long as you stay away from your phone and work, the forest keeps growing. But the moment you pick up your phone and leave the app, the forest dies.


This is a great, easy to use, website that will help you to save time writing some research papers or essays. Here you can find professionals who will write papers for money for you. They write these papers, essays, and other assignments based on the instructions you give them. This is a great way to get assignment help and save your time on homework.


PomoDone is another great time-management app that you want to have on your phone. It uses the PomoDoro technique to keep you focused for a specific period, followed by a quick short break, then another lengthy focus time. 

This app has a lot of customization settings that let you operate at any time of your convenience. You can also connect it with every other planner app on your phone for full maximization. 


Tide is another great focus app for college students. This app also features PomoDoro techniques that help you focus using an amazing variety of natural sounds. 

If you have been over-stressed and are finding it difficult to sleep, Tide also features different ways to help you fully relax and sleep. It is one of the best study apps for iPhones and androids.

Google Calendar  

Having different deadlines for so many courses can be exhausting; you can easily forget and lose track of the work you have to turn in. Google calendar is one study planner app that is a must-have for students. It has a friendly interface that will properly display your commitments in the exact way you have organized them. 

You don’t have to worry anymore about forgetting important dates and activities because you can input them in the app, and you will get early reminders at intervals. 


This app is one of the best productivity apps for students. It makes sure your essays and assignments are free of any silly, avoidable errors. It takes proofreading to a whole new level, correcting details even to the smallest bit. Now, you don’t have to submit subpar works that will negatively affect your grades. 


Some of us find flashcards a straightforward way to learn, so we write down important ideas on this card and check them regularly to keep ourselves up to date. However, taking these cards everywhere can be frustrating, not to mention how easy it is to lose them. 

Quizlet solves this problem by creating a way to make digital flashcards. With Quizlet, you can customize these flashcards and even share them with your friends and classmates.


Sometimes you are too exhausted to start scribbling down notes as the lecturer speaks. This is where Evernote comes in. As one of the best digital tools for university students, it lives up to the standards. 

The app contains comprehensive features that allow you to digitally write down notes, record voice memos, and capture photographs. 

Khan Academy

Of the varieties of online learning tools for college students, this app is the best. If you need to study and need decent tips for taking online classes, like here https://www.northeastern.edu/graduate/blog/tips-for-taking-online-classes/, Khan Academy is known for providing a lot of help in this regard. They have all the answers. From science to art and history, they provide all the tips for studying online that you need. 

It doesn’t matter which course you are stuck on; they have a solution for you. Khan Academy will provide instant solutions to all problems, with step-by-step solutions on getting correct answers.


This is one of the best student planner apps for Android and iPhone. It helps you keep track of all your assignments, dates, and every other activity. 

It also features a colorful timetable and calendar style that makes the interface very easy to use. 


Referencing and citation have to be the most daunting task for students, especially first-level university students. You have to follow so many rules and so many styles; you just can’t seem to remember them all. 

All this becomes easy with EasyBib, as it lets you download and choose from a lengthy list of formats. You do not need to worry about bibliography again because this app is here for you. 


As a student, you need to protect your mental health. Having too many tasks to do and little ways of achieving those tasks can cause emotional stress that would greatly decrease your productivity.  It is great to get help, and these apps are the best form you will find. 

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