10 Best Insurance Brokers Around Toronto

As we get older and transition into the years of Adulthood, a number of things become inherently necessary. One of these is insurance. in this day and age, this has become a must, especially with today’s inflated prices of everyday living.

In toronto alone, While there are plenty of insurance brokers and they offer almost the same services but Here at Brand Glow Up, we offer you the top brokers in the field, who have years and even,  decades of experience that will help you fulfill whatever insurance needs you may have.

1.Lisa Pearson Desjardins Insurance Agent

As one of Canada’s largest financial cooperatives, Desjardins Group’s reputation as one of the most reliable insurance companies has always been at the forefront of impeccable service dedicated to serving clients on their home and auto insurance preferences. As a Desjardins Insurance Agent, Lisa Pearson strives to deliver the necessary care and devotion to her clients, bringing about true professionalism without fail.

2.Canadian Insurance Brokers Inc

CIBI has established its reputation as an independent Insurance Broker that offers customized policies to meet specific business and personal needs. Which differs greatly from other competitors who instantly try to change conditions, ensuring a specific service.

3.Levitt Insurance Brokers Ltd

Levitt Insurance Brokers know what it is like to manage insurance needs, offering a variety of protection for clients and their specific needs regardless of budget and situational restraints. For a lot of clients nowadays, convenience and efficiency are one of their main requirements, especially when it comes to choosing the right financial firms that help set their futures up for the long run.

4.ALIGNED Insurance Inc.

Aligned has an edge over its other competitors for being a premier insurance brokerage that is distinctly Canadian owned, its clientele reach is over a 1000 of individuals across the country. It specializes in various forms of financial management that makes sure that there is always something for everyone. An example of their diversity is their newest acquisition, Precept Insurance & Risk Management. which is one of the most established brokerage firms that existed since 1912.

5.Humberview Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Humberview Insurance Brokers started out in 1982, with a small office in Toronto that later on expanded because of their high commitment to clients. Their way of conducting business has always been about providing clients with insurance for budding business ventures. keeping their clients and their needs in consistent care by building a strongly reinforced relationship based on trust.

6.Icon Insurance Brokers

At Icon Insurance you will have the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with your Broker and have the confidence that they will provide sound advice, insurance knowledge and support during all the steps of the process for the ultimate real-estate fulfillment.

7. Insurance Brokers Association Of Ontario

As a national insurance broker, this organization strives to represent the collective interests of 11 Member Associations which advocates on behalf of all insurance brokers and consumers in their sustainable broker distribution channel.


BrokerLink is one of Canada’s largest and most reliable insurance brokerage firms with tie ups from over twenty of the most reputable insurance companies out there in Canada.

9.KASE Insurance

Ambitious, energetic, and forward thinking – KASE Insurance has been working as a commercial insurance specialty brokerage that commits to putting their clients first.

10. All-Risks Insurance Brokers (Danforth)

All-Risks insurance Brokers works as a full service insurance Brokerage that strives to offer a variety of insurance needs that range from property, Casualty, Life and Health products that make Ontarian residents fully content about their insurance needs.


Here at Brand Glow Up, we’ve compiled a list of the best insurance brokers around the Greater Toronto Area, especially, when it comes to looking for your insurance needs. To make sure that you, the client would be happy for whatever may be the sort of financial security you might need.

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