10+ Best Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists in Brooklyn

On your wedding day, you want to look like the best version of yourself. It’s one of your happiest days and you want everything to be perfect, especially your makeup, because all eyes are on you! Because of this, your hair and makeup artist must have years of experience and must help you look beautiful, elegant and radiant on your special day.

If you’re from the Brooklyn area, you’re in luck. We have compiled the top 10 Best Makeup Artist & Hair Stylists in Brooklyn just for you! Choose from the list below and have a fabulous wedding day!


1. NYC Faces

Photo from www.nycfaces.net/makeup/photos/portfolio/kali

Be the lovely bride that you truly are with the enhancement that can be given by the artistry of NYC Faces, like the bride featured above. Have the perfect balance of elegance, style, and simplicity with the brush strokes of NYC Faces people. For NYC Faces, everyone is beautiful and unique, and they love using makeup to highlight and accent peoples’ features.


2. Face the Day NY

Photo from www.facethedayny.com/nycmakeuphairweddingpics/

A picture capturing a moment where a bride glows with beauty, innocence, and grace made possible by the talent of the people of Face the Day NY. All the right aspects of the face, the eyes most especially, are highlighted without being too obvious or overbearing. From custom human hair extensions to traditional and airbrush make-up, Face the Day NY offers premium quality with underlying service that will make you look flawless from the time you walk down the aisle until your last kiss goodnight.


3. Lyndsey Ariel

Photo from www.lyndseyariel.com/images/portfolio-images/large/DANIELLE-BRIDE.jpg

Lindsey Ariel can help you capture that bridal innocence that your groom will cry over for. Notice how fresh and blooming an actual client looked on her wedding day that they can also do for you on your own wedding day. Make your dream wedding come true and your vision realized with the help of Lyndsey Ariel.


4. Amy Klewitz Beauty

Photo from www.amyklewitzbeauty.com/bridal/049xr76ho5ci4386winyml5cqq7c5y

The picture shown above shows a bride who looks like a princess by the way she was made-up and you will be surprised to know that the person who made it possible can be found in Brooklyn. Amy Klewitz definitely can bring out the princess in you by her creativity and eye for detail. Imagine the look of the bride that you want to have and relay that picture to her and then prepared to be pleasantly surprised with what she can do for you.


5. Toushe Hair Studio

Photo from www.toushehairstudio.com/photos/

Classy and elegant makeup and hair style can readily be had on your wedding day with the help of Toushe Hair Studio. If you want to have the quality of style as an actual bride that is featured above, then put your trust in the professional hands of the people of Toushe Hair Studio. Be the bride that you aspire to look and walk down the aisle with confidence and style.


6. Michelle Coursey

Photo from bridalbeautybymichelle.com/gallery/

The fresh and fabulous look of the people above was made possible through the artistic style of Michelle Coursey. With an eye for detail and a sense of balance and elegance, Michelle Coursey can make your wedding an affair to remember for you and your guests. Have a ball on your special day with the gift of confidence and beauty from Michelle Coursey.


7. Anita Nouryeh

Photo from www.anitanouryeh.org/weddings?lightbox=image_j0v

Anita Nouryeh has brought out the beauty and simplicity of two people who are madly in love in this photograph. Anita has been doing makeup for 14 years and uses the latest techniques with traditional makeup, airbrush and most recently, green/paraben- free makeup to achieve the greatest possible look for each bride. She not only encourages her clients both bridal and otherwise to begin to think about switching their daily regimen to “green”, natural products, she also does personal shopping and works tirelessly with each individual to make their event as beautiful and specifically tailored as she can.


8. Fox & Jane

Photo from foxandjanesalon.com/brooklyn/

Look at the bride being prepped for her wedding and then imagine that it is you who is sitting on that chair being styled by artisans from Fox & Jane Brooklyn. Feels great, doesn’t it? Have the perfect hairstyle and makeup on your wedding day with the help of the talent and artistic flair of Fox & Jane and you will not regret having them on your side. Be the talk of your family and friends when you do your bridal walk and have your groom appreciate his beautiful bride.


9. Anton’s Hair and Makeup

Photo from www.brooklynhairbeautysalon.com/makeup_artist.html

This beautiful bride has received the artistic and creative strokes of the brushes of Anton’s Hair and Makeup which gave her a sharp, no-nonsense look. From the traditional blushing bride look to a fiercer, independent woman look, Anton’s Hair and Makeup can do it. Be the woman bride that you want to be and show the world the real you during your wedding day.


10. Bespoke

Photo from www.bespokebeautyandbridal.com/hairandmakeup/

What a happy, blooming couple! Bespoke has made it possible for the beauty and happiness of the couple to really shine for the world to see. Bespoke’s mission is to collaborate with you in the private atmosphere of your home with their award- winning, highly experienced, professional brand of On-Location Hair and Makeup services to make your special day a success.


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