10+ Best Sales Funnel Examples for Digital Marketing Agency

When it comes to digital marketing, leads are in various stages of the buyer’s journey. At times, nurturing and converting this lead into a customer could take weeks or even months.

Setting up a sales funnel may considerably streamline this process. It will provide the customer with a better overall buying experience. It eventually leads them to what they’re searching for, and they might end up making a purchase.

Your sales funnel should consist of a sequence of steps that include marketing assets like social media campaigns, email, and landing pages. Click to read more about it.

Here’s a closer look at a sales funnel for selling an online course. A user may see an ad offering SEO advice with this call-to-action: “My entire sales funnel web design guide is available for download. Let us say the ad is on Facebook.”

After clicking the link, the user is taken to a landing page where she can download the guide and sign up to receive emails from this marketer. The next day, she receives a newsletter with a link to the available courses. The user enrolls in one of the classes. She continues to get newsletters with course fee discounts and re-enrolls. Basically, that is how a successful sales funnel works.

1. Consulting.com Sales Funnel

Consulting.com has a program that they sell after a free trial. Companies that provide subscription-based services such as SEO tools, membership sites, and other sales funnel web design ideas can benefit from it. You can utilize all of their services for free. Their free offers usually run for 3, 7, or even 14 days.

After that, you’ll be asked questions about your company and its operation. Some of the questions they will ask you are the number of employees you have, your revenue level, and such. This is a good technique for them to learn more about your target audience. After that, you’ll have access to their learning portal. And they’ll have something even better; useful information on the market.

2. Mailshake

When it comes to their sales funnel, Mailshake does a great job. They have a simple ‘Book A Demo’ call to action. This isn’t very common in the SaaS sector, but it works really well.

This is a fantastic sales funnel to rely on if you want to offer high-value items or products and services. It is also great for things that require explanation or if your consumers prefer to speak with someone before purchasing a service.

3. Groupon

Groupon is essentially a coupon database. It maintains a collection of bargains in a visitor’s local area. Locals trying to save money on their everyday expenses and tourists looking for low-cost activities are among their target audiences.

4. Nectar

Businesses are their target market, and their product allows them to reward high-performing personnel. Nectar is unique in that they focus on encouraging sign-ups for their live demos rather than promoting their free trial. Rather than opening an account to try the product for free, people can sign up to watch someone else use it to see if it is a worthwhile investment.

5. Helpscout.com

You may see a demo video from Help Scout. The graphics and animations have an emotional quality. Additionally, brand logos are put to the fold to emphasize social proof to website visitors.

6. Clickfunnel

Clickfunnel is an all-in-one platform that allows you to create a funnel, collect money and optimize the process of doing so. The best thing about ClickFunnels is that you don’t need to be a programmer to use it. Sure, sales funnel web design inspiration goes a long way when it comes to sales funnels. And while you can do more with a funnel built from the ground up by a developer, ClickFunnels allows you to test new funnels quickly.

7. Optinmonster

OptinMonster uses various sales funnels to bring in new clients. They believe that every reader is a potential conversion. They employ several psychological sales strategies, tools, tricks, and hacks, such as exit popups, countdown timers, lead magnets, content upgrades for their case studies, opt-in forms, etc.

8. LFA Capsule Fillers

LFA Capsule Fillers combine both a product and a service. They assist their customers with project issues and provide free training.

9. Harvest

Harvest is a time-tracking program that allows users to accomplish anything from time-tracking to invoicing. Harvest’s homepage contains a screenshot of their product in action. They also feature a list of respectable organizations with which they’ve collaborated, testimonials, and a list of their features.

10. Systeme.io

Systeme.io is a feature-rich sales funnel application. You can use it to manage your email marketing and automation, sell online courses, or do physical things. You can even start your own affiliate program. They also offer an 11-page sales funnel web design example of a sales funnel template for free.

Getting the Most out of a Sales Funnel

Assume you frequently meet two objectives from potential customers when pitching your products or services. You can respond to them with a series of emails scheduled to be delivered over the next several weeks or months.

When contacting a company, people may have a variety of objectives. As a result, you’ll need to tailor your message to meet their goals. For example, you can send different documents or polite check-in emails at other times.

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