10+ best video booths in toronto

Photos say a thousand words but nothing beats actual video recordings of your guests’ messages and clips of your happiest moments together. Although a bit more expensive than the standard photo booths, video booth rentals will provide you with media you can watch again years from now. Whether you want raw videos or slowed down ones, make sure to check out these photo and video booth rental companies:

1. RAD Photo Booth

Photo from https://www.radphotobooth.ca/

RAD Photo Booth is among Toronto’s best photo and video booth rental companies. You can expect high-quality photos and media as well as excellent customer service from their team of experienced individuals. All their booths can be toned down or stepped up a level or two by their numerous add-ons such as backdrop options, marquee letter lights rental, props, social cutouts, live view + touch screen, and social media sharing.

Site: https://www.radphotobooth.ca/

2. #BLKBX Studios Inc.

Photo from http://blkbxstudios.com/index.html#portfolio_intro

#BLKBX Studios Inc.’s team will work with you every step of the way to make sure your photo booth will be in line with your event’s overall look and style. Their team is highly skilled in combining modern technology, art, social media, and life experiences to create unique setups. They offer photo booths, video booths, GIF booths, and roaming photography services, among many others. You can choose to record your guests’ messages as is or you can request for their slo-mo feature for something a bit quirkier.

Site: http://blkbxstudios.com/

2. 2D House

Photo from http://2dhouse.com/slowmotion.php

2D House specializes in commercial production but also offers photo and video booths for rent. They have a slow motion booth that features a clean, simple, white design that measures 12’ x 12’. Their standard rental package for this booth already includes four hours of recording, video editing, a videographer and director, set up & tear down, cleanup, props, a song of your choice, and all videos shot throughout your event.

Site: http://2dhouse.com/

3. Abbey Road Entertainment

Photo from http://www.abbeyroadentertainment.com/event-services/event-rentals/photo-booth-rental/wedding-photo-booths/slo-mo-video-booth-3/

Abbey Road Entertainment is one of the most trusted companies that offer a wide array of event rentals and services. They have provided thousands of photo and video booths to various events across the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario. Their booth rentals include bullet booth, slide cam, flipbook, mirror me, green screen, slo-mo, 360 slow motion, step and repeat, GIF, and LED options.

Site: http://www.abbeyroadentertainment.com/

4. BuzzBooth

Photo from http://www.buzzbooth.ca/gallery.html

BuzzBooth provides a photo booth and video booth all in one setup. Your guests can easily choose to record a video, take photos, or have high-quality photo printouts done through a user-friendly touch screen. All media can also be instantly uploaded to Twitter and Facebook if you can provide them with WiFi internet or include the mobile internet add-on to your package.

Site: http://www.buzzbooth.ca/

5. PartyPix

Photo from http://partypix.ca/

PartyPix offers a variety of custom photo booth rentals and services to corporate events, conferences, birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions in Toronto and surrounding areas. You can choose from getting an animated GIF booth, open-style photo booth, flipbooks booth, online photo sharing service, hashtag photo printer, and a slow motion video booth.

Site: http://partypix.ca/

6. Photo Booth TO

Photo from http://photoboothto.com/

Photo Booth TO offers open-style photo booths, private-style photo booths, green screen booths, instapods, 3D booths, time freeze booths, animated GIF booths, and digital booths for events across the GTA and beyond. All their rentals feature a sleek and modern design which can be modified to better suit your taste and style. If you are willing to shell out a few more bucks, they can include digital sharing, data capture, a guestbook/album station, custom props, or a green screen to your chosen package.

Site: http://photoboothto.com/

8. Slomobooth

Photo from https://www.slomobooth.ca/slow-motion-booth-video

Slomobooth allows you to bring something quirky and new to the table by offering slow motion photo booths. Capture your most cherished moments and watch it again at a slower pace. Their booth can easily accommodate 12 people at a time and works for all weddings, parties, and events. They have three standard packages called bronze, silver, and gold but you can have one customized to fit your photo booth needs and budget.

Site: https://www.slomobooth.ca/

9. Soapbox Photo and Video Booths

Photo from http://www.soapboxbooths.com/video-booth-rental-toronto/

The rentals of Soapbox Photo and Video Booths feature an open concept design so your wedding or event can serve as the main backdrop. They use professional high-quality lighting, audio, and video equipment to clearly capture and record your guests’ messages to you. If you want a bit more privacy, they offer enclosed video booths up for rent, as well. After your event, their team of skilled editors will process all the videos and compile it into a CD complete with a customized artwork, menus, and chapters.

Site: http://www.soapboxbooths.com/

10. Social Photo Booth

Photo from https://www.facebook.com/SocialPhotoBoothCanada/posts/632759486892109

Social Photo Booth is among Ottawa’s best photo booth rentals that cater to the GTA and surrounding areas. Their packages can be customized to include unlimited prints, a social media kiosk, a guestbook, an online gallery, media saved on a USB, a video booth feature, staff in uniform, custom backdrops, and preview screens, among other add-ons.

Site: https://www.socialphotobooth.ca/

11. That’s a RAP!

Photo from https://www.rentaphotobooth.ca/

That’s a RAP! provides professional photo and video booth rentals for weddings, birthdays, and other events of any style or theme. They have standard packages available but you can freely customize every little detail about your booth to ensure it carries the same vibe as your event. You can also request for social media integration, custom party props, and a green screen backdrop for additional fees.

Site: https://www.rentaphotobooth.ca/

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