10+ Best Wedding Florists in Hamilton

Finding a wedding that does not make use of flowers is virtually impossible. Incorporating lovely blooms and lush greenery into your venue will instantly give it a fresh perspective, if not a romantic vibe. You absolutely cannot go wrong with adding at least a few floral touches to your overall styling or decoration. If you are planning to rent out a venue in the Hamilton area, make sure to check out the portfolio of these local florists:

1. Floralbash

Floralbash is your modern and trendy neighborhood florist who can provide amazing arrangements for your special day. They have a premium selection of fresh and dried blooms all year long. It doesn’t stop there! Their team of talented and creative florists knows exactly how to make your wedding venue and setup look magical. Regardless of theme and motif, you can trust them to deliver only the best for an occasion as monumental as your wedding.

site: https://www.floralbash.ca/

2. VintageBASH

Their reputation precedes them. VintageBASH is a well-known full-service wedding and event design company that has created hundreds of stunning weddings for more than satisfied clients all over Canada. Their prowess in incorporating florals into their designs is unmatched. If you need styling or just want to avail of their floral arrangements, VintageBASH is your number one choice.

site: https://www.vintagebash.ca/

3. Blooms and Bliss

Photo from https://bloomsandbliss.com/bouquets/

Blooms and Bliss caters to all weddings, big and small. Their team of creative individuals is incredibly passionate when it comes to making events extra memorable through the use of flowers and foliage. Their services include bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, garlands, centerpieces, and head table décor, among many other floral arrangements.

Site: https://bloomsandbliss.com/

4. Cole’s Florist & Garden Centre

Photo from http://www.colesflorists.com/grimsby-flowers/telefloras-garden-girl-bouquet-641715p.asp

Cole’s Florist & Garden Centre offers a wide variety of designs and style that work well for all occasions including anniversaries, birthdays, Mother’s Day, and weddings. You can count on them to provide you with beautiful centerpieces, arbors, and many other floral arrangements that will give your special day an extra jolt of romance.

Site: http://www.colesflorists.com/

5. Debbie’s Flower Shop

Photo from http://www.debbiesflowershop.com/stoney-creek-florist/wedding-reception-flowers-6705c.asp

Debbie’s Flower Shop has everything you will need to fill your wedding venue with fresh blooms. Whether you are looking for lovely wearables for your wedding party or stunning arrangements for your ceremony and reception, a visit to their site will surely not disappoint. They also offer fresh flowers for less grand occasions.

Site: http://www.debbiesflowershop.com/

6. Floral Creations

Photo from http://www.floralcreationshamilton.ca/hamilton-florist/wedding-ceremony-flowers-6701c.asp

Floral Creations aims to set the tone of your wedding by offering various floral arrangements, guaranteed to make your venue look like a sea of vibrant blooms. They carry flowers designed for your wedding party, ceremony, and reception. If you are planning to go for a spring or autumn theme, they also have seasonal flowers available.

Site: http://www.floralcreationshamilton.ca/

7. Gray’s Florist

Photo from https://graysdundas.com/wedding/

Gray’s Florist has a deep passion for helping their clients achieve the wedding they have always dreamt of. You can avail of a free consultation from their team who will give you their undivided attention to fully understand what design would fit your style and personality. Their wedding packages, which include wearables, bouquets, centerpieces, and more, are 100% customizable.

Site: https://graysdundas.com/

8. House of Floral Designs

Photo from http://houseoffloraldesigns.ca/portfolio/jessica-scott/

House of Floral Designs is headed by Francesca Lo Presti, a former English teacher that eventually ventured into the fashion and floral industry. She and her team of talented professionals pay close attention to detail so you can trust that they will provide you with nothing less of what you requested.

Site: http://houseoffloraldesigns.ca/

9. I Fiori

Photo from https://www.facebook.com/i-fiori-490555277643219/

I Fiori is a lovely flower shop situated in the art district of Hamilton, Ontario. They carry only the freshest blooms and foliage from the best farms of the province. Using several methods and top of the line coolers, they are able to maintain the freshness of these beauties for several days. They recommend that you visit their shop to be able to fully appreciate their selection of flowers.

Site: http://www.ifiori.ca

10. Joanna’s Florist

Photo from http://www.joannasflorist.ca/hamilton-flowers/home-ceremony-companion-piece-34845p.asp

Joanna’s Florist offers a wide selection of floral arrangements including wearables, bouquets, centerpieces, ceremony décor, and head table décor. They carry various blooms such as carnations, hydrangea, orchids, and lilies which go well with their equally massive collection of greenery. You can also purchase other designs from them which are ideal for anniversaries, birthdays, or simple tokens of love.

Site: http://www.joannasflorist.ca/

11. Kay Penny Florist

Photo from http://www.kaypennyflorist.com/product/the-ftd-orchid-rose-chair-decor/display

Kay Penny Florist has different floral designs and styles that suit all occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, proms, and special events. They are based in Hamilton but have no problem delivering their items to other areas of Canada and even the United States. Their wedding services include corsages, boutonnieres, accessories, and décor.

Site: http://www.kaypennyflorist.com/

12. Mint & Magnolia Floral Design Co.

Photo from https://www.mintandmagnolia.ca/gallery-1/

Mint & Magnolia Floral Design Co. believes that every wedding should be as unique as the couple having it. Whether you want to go for a rustic, modern, traditional, boho, or glamorous style, you can count on their team to create stunning floral designs for you that will effortlessly fit into your wedding vision.

Site: https://www.mintandmagnolia.ca/

13. Patricia Christina Flowers & Gifts

Photo from http://www.patriciachristinaflowers.ca/wedding-floral

Patricia Christina Flowers & Gifts will be by your side every step of the way to make sure that your special day will be nothing short of extraordinary. They specialize in creating beautiful flower arrangements, bouquets, and décor that clearly reflect their client’s personality.

Site: http://www.patriciachristinaflowers.ca/

14. Russell’s Flower Shop

Photo from http://www.russellsflowers.com/category/wedding-party-floral/1/display

Russell’s Flower Shop offers floral designs meant for the different aspects of your wedding. Their style is not at all limited and is actually broad enough to include traditional, modern, sophisticated, rustic, and romantic variations, among many others. They also carry fresh flower arrangements that work well for simpler occasions such as graduations and anniversaries.

Site: http://www.russellsflowers.com/

15. Sue Gallo Designs

Photo from http://www.suegallodesigns.com/

Sue Gallo Designs is one of Hamilton’s best florists that specialize in creating garden chic and casually elegant flower arrangements. They have a soft spot for weddings but also cater to other events. Their services include event styling and floral design.

Site: http://www.suegallodesigns.com/

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