10+ Best Wedding Florists in Mississauga

Flowers are an essential element in any wedding! Almost all cultures throughout the world associate flowers with beauty, happiness, and celebration. Beautiful flower arrangements are sure to inspire, captivate, and make you fall in love!

But you can’t just pick a bunch of flowers in your backyard and arrange them yourself. There has to be a visual style, theme, and color. Leave it to expert florists to make your wedding into a beautiful spectacle!

Choosing the right florist is essential in having a dream wedding and fortunately for the couples from Mississauga, we have compiled a list of the best professionals perfect for your once in a lifetime event.

Here is a list of the 10 Best Wedding Florists in Mississauga:

1. Floral Bash

Mississauga Wedding Florist Flowers

Floral Bash is always sensitive to the visual style and preferences of their customers and they are flexible enough to accommodate the specific requests of the bride. Check out the wonderful spread of bouquets in the picture above. The different bouquets and arrangements exude different personalities, characteristics, and aura. Floral Bash promises to create a floral display of superior quality and design that will reflect the sincere feelings and intentions of each client.

2. VintageBASH

As one of the most popular event designers in the GTA, VintageBASH has ala-carte florist and full-service packages for couples looking for timeless arrangements for their wedding. No matter the theme, their team of stylists works well with other vendors to provide amazing blooms for your big day. Tell them what you want and expect. They listen and do all they can to give you what you want and more. If you want breathtaking arrangements for your wedding, they are the team and company to check out.

3. Dandie Andie

Photo from www.dandieandiefloraldesigns.com/floral_portfolio/

Have you ever seen a bouquet that closely resembles a flower garden during Spring? The picture above is a testament of the creativity of Dandie Andie in bringing in the beauty of mother nature to your special day wherever your venue may be. Be the June bride that you deserve to be , whatever the actual month is, with the help of the expertise of Dandie Andie.

4. The Monarch Florists

Photo from www.themonarchflorists.com/wedding-flowers/

A picture paints a thousand words and the picture above paints a picture of elegance, happiness, and joy. Of course, you want something special and memorable for your wedding and the Monarch team will create elegantly modern floral designs using locally grown and imported flowers from all over the world. This fact is one of the reasons that they’ve become a preferred supplier of wedding flowers in Mississauga.

5. Streetsville Florist

Photo from www.streetsvilleflorist.com/mississauga-florist/wedding-reception-flowers-6705c.asp

The reception flowers shown above are just a few of many arrangements that Streetsville Florist can bring to your wedding decor. You’ll leave a lasting on your wedding guests if these exquisite flowers are at your reception table! Surround your guests in a floral wonderland with beautiful centerpieces and decorations of fresh flowers that can add something special to any celebration and help set the mood. A successful wedding awaits you at Streetsville Florists!

6. Bridal Blossom

Photo from bridalblossom.com/

A lovely arrangement for a lovely bride on her lovely wedding day was made probable only with the talents of the people from Bridal Blossom. Over 20 years of floral design experience has made Bridal Blossom an expert on these things yet it still strives to make every occasion unique and special for every client. They perfectly combine luxury and elegance to provide you with the kind of timeless beauty and poise that your affair calls for.

7. Carisma Florists

Photo from www.carismaflorists.com/wedding/occasions/display

This bouquet from Carisma Florists is one of my favorites because of its striking colors, the contrast of colors offered for the eyes of the guests, and the simplicity and classic beauty that it exudes. Now imagine yourself holding this gorgeous bouquet while you walk down the aisle as the choir or haunting music floats through the air and all eyes are glued to you. Be the center of attention that you ought to be on your wedding day with Carisma Florists creations.

8. Euro Flowers

Photo from www.euroflowers.ca/pages/weddings

Heavenly and modest best describe the floral arrangement of the bouquet shown above that was created by Euro Flowers for a client. From intimate weddings to huge, lavish events, Euro Flowers have experienced them all and they know that weddings are very personal and each one is unique. Euro Flowers feel that your decorations should reflect your personal taste and that’s why you should take your time and make the choices that your heart is telling you to make.

9. Stavebank Florist

Photo from www.stavebankflorist.com/weddings-gallery/

A blossom of colors with hints of unopened flower buds that could signify a lot of meanings is what is shown above. You must remember that your flowers and floral arrangements are one of the most important considerations for your wedding because your decorations must reflect your personalities and characteristics. Let Stavebank Florist help you achieve that look and ambiance that you want to have on your wedding day.

10. WeddingDecor.com

Photo from www.weddingdecor.com/wedding-head-table-decorations

Dine in style with these floral decorations from WeddingDecor.com that will make you feel as though you are dining in a garden under the stars. These fresh flowers impeccably arranged will give you and your guests the ambiance of a warm summer night or a relaxing spring picnic. Truly, WeddingDecor.com are passionate about wedding decorating and it shows in the work that they do.

11. Exotic Flowers & Gifts

Photo from www.exoticflowers.ca/weddings

Fresh flowers adorning the table will always be a welcome sight for anyone most especially if such flowers are arranged in a way that is pleasing to the eyes. Creating classy and sophisticated arrangements, shown above, is like a usual day in the office of Exotic Flowers & Gifts because they are well-versed in making extraordinary things.

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