10+ Best Wedding Florists in Toronto

Every wedding should be a reflection of you, your family and your friends. It is time to enjoy myself and truly appreciate the fact that your wedding is the first day of your married life. Having wonderful flower creations to decorate the venues will definitely make your special day much more special and memorable. Make your envisioned dream wedding come to life through these florists listed below.

1. Floral Bash

Best Wedding Florists in Toronto

Floral Bash will surely make your wedding heavenly with their flowers and arrangements. Your guests will surely notice their superb decorations in your ceremony and reception which will definitely make them feel the ambiance that you want to create. Their design styles range from traditional & old world vintage to modern day trendy & chic and their team of passionate wedding decorators will work very hard to make your dream wedding come to life.

2. VintageBASH

Wedding Bouquet

As an expert in event design, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a full-service company better than VintageBASH. They have well-curated services that include floral design and styling. Their arrangements are truly beautiful from bouquets to tabletop decor, arches, and more. VintageBASH is known for its classic and ageless designs that look amazing in photos and even more stunning in real life.

3. Botany Flowers

Photo from www.botanyflowers.ca

At Botany Flowers, planning and designing flowers is a passion that they try to live up to. Their flowers and their arrangements are truly sophisticated and classy. They understand that your wedding flowers should reflect your personal style and love for each other and they will do their utmost to for your personalities to shine. Try any combination of their bouquets, boutonnières, corsages, centrepieces, ceremony flowers, garlands, and more for your special day.

4. Cool Green & Shady

Photo from www.coolgreenandshady.com/weddings/ceremony/

Just look at that lovely flower arrangement and you will know that Cool Green & Shady really means business. Make your special day more special for you and for your guests by having the creations of Cool Green & Shady grace your ceremony and reception. Exchange your vows and party the night away amongst these heavenly flower arrangements.

5. Coriander Girl

Photo from www.coriandergirl.com/p/blog-page.html

Coriander Girl offers only fresh flowers, like what is featured above, arranged in a way that will absolutely leave a lasting impression. At Coriander Girl, you’ll find a unique array of seasonal fresh flowers, hand-picked antiques, and locally made craft. Put their faith in their ability to transform any ordinary venue into a divine place for your special day.

6. Power Flowers

Photo from www.power-flowers.com/weddings/decorations2.html

Walk down the aisle between these wonderful flowers arranged in such a way as to incorporate nature with the ceremony and reception. You and your guests will feel as though you are celebrating your wonderful event in a garden with these Power Flowers creations. Power Flowers has extensive experience providing bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, boutonnieres, and other flower arrangements for weddings so you can be sure that they will deliver what they have promised.

7. Sweetpea’s

Photo from sweetpeaweddings.ca/

Have you even seen a more unique yet beautiful wedding bouquet than the one featured above? Sweetpea’s weddings are completely customized to the couples and every bouquet, centerpiece, and boutonnière are as unique as the people who ordered them. Celebrate your wedding day with a bang with these sweet designs.

8. Ladybug Florist

Photo from ladybugflorist.com/wedding-flowers-by-ladybug/

Classy and sophisticated are the words that may describe what Ladybug Florist has done with the centerpiece seen above. Purity and simplicity will also be apt to define the style that couples may expect from them. At Ladybug, the focus is on your needs, your preferences, your individual style and they’ll begin by consulting with you to ensure that every piece fits perfectly with your chosen overall look.

9. Heavenly Creation

Photo from www.heavenlycreationflorist.com/decor-packages/

Heavenly Creation surely lives up to its name, as you can readily see, in the heavenly arrangement and decoration of flowers in this wedding ceremony and reception venue of an actual couple. Imagine yourself having the same kind and level of professional decoration on your own wedding day and you can almost see the reaction of your guests and loved ones. Make your wedding day truly a heavenly celebration with creations from Heavenly Creation.

10. Peppermint Weddings & Events

Photo from www.peppermintweddings.ca/

This divine flower arrangement has been brought to a couple by Peppermint Weddings & Events which made the celebration much more special. The Peppermint Weddings & Events team is dedicated in providing a personalized experience and exquisite attention to detail for each client. They provide floral design and decor: from bouquets, ceremony and reception flowers, ceremony structures, backdrops, arches, centrepieces, linens, table décor, and custom products to fully execute your vision.

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