10 Best Wedding Mobile Lightroom Presets

Lightroom presets are one of the amazing photo editing tools that you can use conveniently to give images a unique look and feel. Pre-determined settings are available that you can use to tweak the appearance of your photos. Presets are easy to use and with just a few clicks you can achieve the changes you want to make to your photos and it does not need you to be a pro to do it. Lightroom presets allow you to alter the image shadow, color, lighting, hues, contrast, grain, and many more. The advantage of using the presets is it provides consistent results, is simple to use, and is time-efficient when editing.


Weddings are one of the most valuable moments that are captured in photography. To improve the appearance and to give unique effects on wedding photos there are wedding mobile lightroom presets available that allow you to improve and give a unique appearance on wedding photos even just using a mobile device in a few clicks.


10 Best Wedding Mobile Lightroom Presets

1. Traditional Wedding by Sparkle Stock

If you are taking wedding photos with vibrant colors, this lightroom preset is ideal to use for editing as it brings more life to the image colors. It has an airy preset that gives an airy and light film effect, bohemian effects giving sharp red and pastel foliage, and a chocolate preset with a nostalgic film effect that comes with a brown underlying tone. If you prefer a minimalist color palette, it has an urban preset that you can use or you can use its multipurpose film preset instead which is ideal for all kinds of photos.

website: creativemarket.com/SparkleStock/4429059-50-Traditional-Wedding-LR-Presets


2. Royal Wedding by 123 Presets

This Great Gatsby-inspired wedding mobile lightroom preset is commonly used for professional wedding photography. It comes with 42 presets that make editing easier and helps you create beautiful images with organic film and tones. There are also soft colors and tones in subtle effects that make your photos looking sophisticated. Your images will be transformed with moody tones, better saturation, vibrancy, shadows, contrast, and subtle intensity.

website: 123presets.store/collections/wedding-presets/products/royal-wedding-mobile-lightroom-presets


3. Wedding Lightroom Presets by Envato Elements

This wedding mobile lightroom preset comes in 50 sets that are available on mobile. Its amazing feature includes retaining about 25% to 50% of the original skin tone from the photo that makes the picture consistently natural whether in landscape or portrait. It is 10 airy presets that come in light colors and tones to achieve a minimalist effect. There are also the bohemian presets to complement red colors with teal foliage, chocolate preset to give nostalgic warm effects, film preset to keep the vintage look of the photos, and minimalist color palettes in urban presets.

website: elements.envato.com/50-wedding-lightroom-mobile-desktop-presets-4CAGLQK


4. Moody Wedding by 123 Presets

The major effect of this preset is it gives wedding photos an airy and bright look. It also creates a dreamy feeling in every photo with warm tones and desaturated green colors. You can create a magical mood on every picture while choosing the right mood for edits to show the feelings of every moment captured on camera.

website: 123presets.store/collections/wedding-presets/products/moody-wedding-mobile-lightroom-presets


5. Black and White Wedding from Envato Elements

There are 10 presets available for both mobile and desktop lightrooms. It is editable in various photo formats and also compatible with camera raw and all lightroom versions. The preset is ideal for changing the appearance of the wedding photos in black and white with some magical effects on the images.

website: elements.envato.com/10-black-and-white-wedding-lightroom-preset-PV6QQMU


6. Wedding Mobile Lightroom Preset by FreePreset.net

The preset is ideally used for mobile lightroom that can transform wedding photos into vibrant images. Change the hues, contrast, tones, lighting, and saturation of every image in a breeze with this preset with stunning image effects that magnify the mood and feelings in every captured photo. It is compatible with jpeg and raw files and you can apply the preset for clearer, well-lighted, and high-quality images.

website: freepreset.net/wedding-mobile-lightroom-presets-3858882.html


7. Boho Wedding by 123 Presets

The boho wedding mobile lightroom preset creates a dreamy feeling on your photos that gives the skin tones a perfect appearance and gives the best moody feeling in every image. The preset is also compatible with both iOS and Android mobiles for seamless editing of wedding photos.

website: 123presets.store/collections/wedding-presets/products/boho-wedding-mobile-lightroom-presets


8. Fall Wedding by Loox

This preset is available in mobile lightroom that gives every wedding photo a warm autumn effect. It uses burgundy undertones to give the photos a unique appearance and maintains a light atmosphere that boosts the autumn-inspired palettes. The preset is best for wedding photography and also ideally used for portrait images and lifestyle photography. You can select from the 8 presets that are most suited to your desired wedding image moods.

website: www.looxpreset.com/products/fall-wedding


9. Wedding Lightroom Preset by Beart

This seamless to edit preset brings life to wedding photos and reviving their vibrant appearance. Its preset feature allows dull photos to be transformed back into life with lighting and color enhancement effects. The preset also helps to capture the mood and emotion in every image. You do not need to become a pro to edit the wedding photos you capture as you can easily fix where enhancements are needed on your images.

website: www.beart-presets.com/shop/wedding-lightroom-presets


10. Wedding Bundle Lightroom Preset by 123 Preset

The preset comes in 12 bundled Lightroom presets that you can choose according to your preferred effects. The boho preset gives a dreamy boho feeling while the moody preset gives warm tones and a vibrant dreamy feeling. You can use the dark tones preset if you want to achieve high contrast, deeper and darker tones, and light balance on your photos. It also has a majestic preset that gives vibrant, subtle intensity to your images. If you want the images to have a perfect skin glow the deep tone preset is ideally used. For bright and warm effects the bright and airy preset is the one you can take advantage of using. Other presets can make beautiful colorful and contrasting images like the perfect tone preset.

website: 123presets.store/collections/wedding-presets/products/wedding-mobile-bundle-12-packs

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