10 blush & gold makeup ideas & inspiration

Did you know that Golden hues are a relatively modern invention? Gold was not traditionally found in the makeup of old, but the innovation and imagination of the artists today made such innovation a possibility. Blush, traditionally of red color, now comes in a myriad of colors that evokes different emotions and expressions. Be adventurous and unique with colors that will make you stand out from the crowd! Browse through the list below and be inspired to make your own style.


1. From static1.puretrend.com


In the olden days, it would have been unheard of to use gold as a makeup color but, as can be seen from the picture above, golden hue has now become the “in” thing in makeup. Notice how the color of the eyes almost blended with the light hue of gold on the eyelids. For a classy look, you can use the style above as an inspiration for your next event.


2. From make-up-is-an-art.tumblr.com


The lady shown above is sporting gold accents under the eyes and the overall effect is beautiful, to say the least. The dark irises of the eyes matched quite well with the darker shade of gold under them giving the face a more sophisticated look. With light blush strokes and dark colored lips, the face truly looks radiant and modern.


3. From intothegloss.com


For ladies with a more darker tone, like the lady shown above, fret not because golden makeup can still be applicable to you. The gold hue actually blended magnificently with the facial color making the whole face look truly golden. Even the blush and the color of the lips complemented the golden colors of the makeup giving the face a regal look.


4. From Who What Wear


Golden blush for the cheeks can still be applied and worn with style. The lady model’s cheekbone and cheeks, as shown above, look different but in a good, stylish sort of way. It is recommended, however, that such style be matched with the occasion that one will go to. The style above may be perfect for parties and evening dinners but may not look appropriate for formal affairs like weddings.


5. From allwomenstalk


Look at the blush and eyeshadow of the model above and you will agree that the simplicity and grace brought about by the combination of the golden hue and light blush is astounding. See how the cheekbones stand out without being overdone and, matched with subtle colored lips, the effect is wonderful. The golden hues around the eyes are delicate enough to blend well with the overall effect of femininity.


6. From eaumg.net


A darker golden hue, as being shown by the model above, can go well with light colored eyes and the outcome would still look chic and elegant. This style of makeup can go well with almost any event or occasion, daytime or night. Paired with a darker shade of blush but a lighter shade on the lips, the outcome is truly breathtaking.


7. From Bridalore


Prominent cheekbones, like the one seen above, made possible by a darker, stronger strokes of blush, will still look elegant if done expertly. Notice how those blue eyes simply pop and dominate the overall look of the face through some skilled strokes of makeup colors. Have the effect that you might want to convey by matching different colors and hues of makeup.


8. From notordinaryfashion.tumblr.com


The makeup style shown above by our model definitely is not for everyone and for every occasion. But on the right face, event, and attitude, though, this makeup style can possibly make you the talk of the town and the local trendsetter. Golden makeup around the eyes combined with a very light shade of blush and equally pale lipstick hue will definitely be unique in any event.


9. From makeupbytiffanyd.blogspot.com


The color combinations used by the model in the picture above just proved that imagination can make unusual things possible. Who knew that a Golden yellow outline below the eyes matched with heavy dark makeup above produces a sexy and alluring effect?


10. From feelingabitartsy.tumblr.com


The model above looks like a perfect golden statue, doesn’t she? With golden blush and golden eyeshadow harmonized by a pinkish lips and dark eyes, she truly looks like an oriental beauty. Have a strong, striking look even with makeup that are not dark at all, like the one on the model above, and people will surely remember your style.

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