10 Dramatic Makeup Ideas & Inspiration

Whether you’re looking for a bold and dramatic look or just a subtle hint of sass, you can be sure that the right combination of colors will definitely turn some heads! Browse through the different inspirations below and, certainly, you will find the perfect makeup style for you.

1. From stylesweekly.com


Perfect smokey eyes are one of the true staple looks when it comes to dramatic makeup, as can be seen above. Now, finding the perfect smokey eye look to suit your natural style and the occasion is very important so you must have your own signature smokey eye style for a more dramatic effect. Experiment on the perfect shade for you and match your eyes with your lips for more impact.


2. From Girly Rose


If you want to add drama to your look, like the one featured above, you must build lustrous and exotic eye looks with a good palette of totally gorgeous baked eyeshadows. Your beautifully crafted palette will be perfect for use during the day or even for a night out in town. Highly pigmented eyeshadows allow for easy application and creates astounding results.


3. From ElegantWeddingInvites


Sometimes, being dramatic doesn’t mean being overpowering in looks. Like the one seen above, it has been proven that a girl with a simple makeup can be demure and alluring at the same time. One look with those expressive eyes and you will agree that a perfectly made-up face can convey a thousand emotions.


4. From Eva Tornado


Dramatic, you say? What can be more dramatic than an expressive set of eyes that can be readily seen from a distance? With those bluish, glittery eyelashes like the one seen above, nobody can mistake you for an ordinary woman. Have that dramatic impact anywhere you go with the kind of makeup that is truly unique.


5. From stylesweekly.com


Surely, it can be said that colorful eyeshadow makes a dramatic beauty statement. Brightly colored eyelids can be dramatically beautiful as can be seen from the picture above. The eye makeup don’t even match yet they exude that uniqueness that is gorgeous and classy. You can create countless gorgeous looks with colorful eyeshadow and you can have an entire rainbow of possibilities at your disposal.


6. From Stylecaster


Dark colors are dramatic colors. Pair them with metallic and stained lips like the one featured above and you can be sure to create the ambiance in any room that you want to have. If you’re getting married, dark wine stained lips would be gorgeous paired with a wedding dress if you’re bold enough but your eye makeup should remain neutral.


7. From glamorousmakeup.tumblr.com


An imaginative, harlequin-type makeup, such as the kind being modelled by the woman above, will surely turn heads wherever you may go. From parties to evening affairs, if you can be daring enough to do so, you can wear this makeup style and be the star of the night. These brooding, gothic styles may not be for everyone, but if you can pull it off, you’re going to look courageous and edgy at the same time.


8. From McKenzie (Girl Loves Glam)


The picture above show a step-by-step guide of an emphatic eye makeup that would make you stand out from the crowd. They eyes are the windows of the soul and through them, you can express all the emotions that you would want to convey. Match these eyes with equally dramatic lipstick and blush and you will definitely make a big impact.


9. From redlip.tumblr.com


These eyes on our model speak a thousand words. One look from those blue eyes paired with a makeup style that accentuates those wonderful orbs and people will have that intense longing for the beach or a place of ease and happiness. Light makeup on the other parts of the face will make those eyes as dramatic as ever.


10. From muaserved.com


What more can cause such an intense kaleidoscope of emotions than a makeup with a rainbow palette? Be adventurous and dramatic with a myriad of colors adorning your face. Express yourself with confidence and style with this rainbow-inspired makeup style and you can be sure that heads will turn when you pass by.

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