10 Effective Social Media Strategy for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, building a social media presence can take a lot of you. Not only resources, but creating content and strategizing alone takes most of your time. Here at Brand Glow Up, we believe that your time is important. With that in mind, we decided to round up these ten effective social media strategies you can check out and discover where to grow further.

10 Effective Social Media Strategy for Real Estate Agents

1. Use Hashtags Smartly

hashtag strategy for real estate agents

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Wherever you read tips on how to grow on social media platforms, there’s a high chance that this tip makes that list. This is one of the few things you can utilize and increase your reach for free. To do this right, you must create a smart mix of hashtags. Include hashtags about your niche (real estate in general) then narrow down to hashtags with less than 500,000 posts. With that in mind, your posts have a higher chance of being pinned along with the top hashtag posts.

Besides this, hashtags can also be followed on Instagram. This increases the chance of your post for impression and even, reaches more interested users. You can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram. Interchangeably, you can mix and match these according to which works best. Keyword research is definitely important.

2. Take Advantage of Testimonials

Despite all platforms and strategies we use to grow our brand, word of mouth still remains the most effective marketing strategy ever. With the use of testimonials, you can increase your credibility and encourage brand trust. This also helps you stand out from competitors and highlight what you can do for your potential clients.

More than these obvious reasons, testimonials also add a human touch to the brand – making it more approachable. This is a great social media strategy for real estate agents that you can implement.

3. Put Yourself Out There: Socialize and Join Groups

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There is a lot of Facebook features that are designed to be beneficial for brands. Through these, it’s now easier for professionals, especially real estate agents, to tap more people with a specific interest. One of these features is the Facebook Group. Through these groups, you can share posts and interact with the members.

The best thing about joining a group is you focus down on a specific target audience with determined interest. Since this is already a community, you can tap the members of the group and convert them to follow your brand alone. Hopefully, even encourage them to close a deal.

4. Optimize Facebook Profile and Posts

By optimizing, we mean strategically adding keywords to your profile and content. You can start by listing keywords that people type in to look for information about your niche. If done right, this will make you appear more frequently on searches whether it be from Facebook or other social media platforms. This consequently brings more traffic to your space and increases your chance to generate more leads.

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5. Write Valuable Real Estate Blog Posts

write blog posts

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Blog posts are a great way to boost the reach of your target audience. As a real estate agent, you can touch base on different topics that are relevant to your expertise. It may be about the frequently asked questions and debunking myths about the field. Keywords are also handy in these contents as they help you be more present in searches. If you rank higher, the more traffic you can generate which leads to attraction. Besides this, valuable blog posts can also boost your credibility as a reputable real estate agent.

6. Create Realtor Ads to Generate More Leads

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have several options to help you tap into a group of audiences with specified interests related to your niche. With this in mind, these can be fully utilized with great ad content. Take note of the community guidelines before boosting a material to ensure that yours follow their rules.

What’s great about ads is they can bring your specifically what you need for your post – be it to get more messages, boost reach, generate more leads, or even convert to a sale. At the end of the duration, you can even get data that you can use to further improve your targeting and determine how to maximize your investments in these campaigns.

7. Create Video Content


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Another great social media strategy for real estate agents is creating video content to promote your brand. In this field, you are selling a high-ticket item that only those in a specific market can afford. With this in mind, we can attract these people by creating sophisticated content as well. More than static photos, videos can also be used as a medium to interactively promote what you are offering.

8. Post Informative and Entertaining Real Estate-related Social Media Content

As much as we want to post materials directed to encourage purchases and inquiries, social media platforms are designed for people to socialize. With this in mind, it’s best to create content that targets awareness and increases your engagements as these are more natural in a sense. Set a content calendar and diversify your content.

Informative content such as FAQs, real estate 101, and tips are often the content shared across the platform as well as aesthetic homes. Client stories can also be utilized at this point.

9. Connect with Potential Home Buyers through LinkedIn

linkedin social media strategy

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Given that real estate is a high ticket investment, it’s also best to directly tap into the audience on Linkedin! As a platform to connect with people professionally, a well-established Linkedin profile of yours can show how reputable you are. Connect with people in a certain field with a specific role that you feel is fit as your prospect.

10. Have excellent community management

This is a reminder and an excellent social media strategy for real estate agents in one. All these points boil down to community management. Community Management means directly interacting with your audience. This also covers answering queries, responding to comments, nurturing leads, and even, handling negative feedback. No matter how we work on boosting our social media presence, it’s the community management that makes or breaks at the end of the day. Remember to be professional whenever you interact with clients and revert promptly!

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