10 Free Blogger Templates In Black And White

Blogger is still one of the most popular, free and easy-to-setup blogging platforms / services on the web today. With the dawn of the new technology, we had to collect a few more awesome blogger templates for anyone to use freely.

List of free blogger templates in black and white

Here are some black and white ones for a minimalistic feel:

Extra News


This one is perfect if you are running a news blog site. Aside from the black and white, there are other variety colors for the Read More button. It even has a sub menu option

Link to the template: http://mkr-site.blogspot.in/2012/12/extranews-responsive-blogger-template.html



Here is a nice and simple minimalistic black and white theme that’s easy to navigate through. It manages image posts in a clever manner so that it does not overlap text or layout widths.

Link to the template: http://themecraft.net/2010/02/indicator-blogger-template/



Align has a nice minimalistic approach as well, though with a more grayish background. If you want to keep it simple and formal, use this one.

Link to the template: http://btemplates.com/2012/blogger-template-align/

Black and White


Here is another black and white theme that has a light background with diagonal lines. Image posts are also customized with borders.

Link to the template: http://btemplates.com/2012/blogger-template-black-and-white-3/

Black Rock


If you want something really dark, then this theme is for you. It was also originally a WordPress theme.

Link to the template: http://themecraft.net/2009/11/black-rock-blogger-template/



This black and white theme has a slider below the navigational menu and is perfect for tech tips, tutorials, and reviews and such.

Link to the template: http://bloggertemplateplace.com/2009/11/zionn-zenverse-magazine-blogger-template.html



This is another black and white template that has a slider and navigational menu, also mainly for tutorial blogs, news blogs or personal blogs.

Link to the template: http://bloggertemplateplace.com/2009/10/obscure-magazine-blogger-template.html



If you want something with floral or girly designs, then this Blogger template is for you. It gives the feel of an eco-friendly blog, but in black and white (with a little dash of pink on the navigational menu).

Link to the template: http://chicablogger.com/ligneous-template-floral-para-blogger/



This minimalistic black and white template puts all content in the center (quite space-convenient), with a gray-ish background. This is one of the lightest Blogger themes out there.

Link to the template: http://btemplates.com/2012/blogger-template-manifest/

Scrapbook Blogger Template


If you want something a bit unique, then this template is for you. It has a gallery thumbnail feature and all the content is cluttered to the center. The gallery thumbnails have ‘sticky tapes’ on them to make it look like a scrap book.

Link to the template: http://www.freebloggertemplate.info/2009/09/scrapbook-blogger-template.html

It is always an awe to find blog templates on the Internet which are of high-quality, so go ahead and choose from these free black and white Blogger templates we have picked just for you.

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