10 Free Printable Grocery List Templates

Doing the grocery can be a daunting task if you’re not careful to make the necessary preparation.

I mean how many of us, when after finally arriving home, exclaimed, “I forgot something”? This can be very inconvenient, if not frustrating. Aside from waste of time and money, it can be very irritating.

So you have two choices; you can either go back to the grocery store or wait for the next time you’ll make another batch of grocery.

The remedy for being forgetfulness is to have a grocery list. When you do this, you will take note of what needs to be bought. When you organize the way you do things, you will also organize the way you think.

By having a grocery list, you will significantly decrease the chance of having those “oh-I-forgot situations”.

Of course, you have the freedom to get a piece of paper and write your own grocery list. But there is another way to make your list to be more interesting and fun.

I have come up with 10 grocery list templates that you can easily print. Using these templates will also help you avoid forgetting something.

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Printable Planners 2016

1. Black and White Grocery List By Vertex


2. Simple grocery list

Simple List

3. Super Cute Printable List

Super Cute Printable List

4. Another Cute Shopping Lists from Living Locurto

Cute Shopping Lists

5. Ellie’s Printable Grocery List Template

Elli Grocery List

6. Black and White Weekly Printable Planner

Black and White Weekly Printable Planner

7. Grocery list with Meal Plan


8. Ultimate grocery list


9. Healthy Grocery List Template

Healthy Grocery List

10.The Ultimate Vegetarian Grocery List

Vegetarian Grocery List

There you have it; our 10 templates of grocery list. Print one of these templates and make your grocery list more organized and interesting. You can leave a comment below too and suggest templates you think will be helpful for our readers.

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