10 Free WordPress Templates In Black And White

WordPress is still one of the most popular, free and easy-to-setup blogging platforms / services on the web today. With the dawn of the new technology, we had to collect a few more awesome wordpress templates for anyone to use freely.

List of free wordpress templates in black and white

Here are some black and white ones for a minimalistic feel:


MagZine is designed to look like a magazine and is very light on content loading. This one is perfect if you run news or review blogs or sites. The typography is quite professional.

Link to the template: http://www.designyourway.net/drb/magzine-wordpress-theme/


Hybrid is a nice and simple theme that is also aimed for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes and has 15 custom pages templates.

Link to the template: http://themehybrid.com/themes/hybrid

Business Lite

If you are looking for a more corporate template, then Business Lite is for you. It has a slider and content is arranged in a simple but professional way – especially if you are running a company blog.

Link to the template: http://wordpress.org/themes/business-lite


If you want to have a WP theme that is more on the elegant side yet still simple, this one is for you. The layout is light and quite organized and has a picture slider.

Link to the template: http://themehybrid.com/themes/ascetica


This is a WordPress theme that has quite a lot of customization options and a neat layout. Custom menus and social media icons are also available, as well as a slider.

Link to the template: http://wordpress.org/themes/mantra

Modern Clix

This minimalistic black and white WP theme strongly focuses on text content rather than flashy layouts. If you want something like that, then Modern Clix is for you.

Link to the template: http://www.rodrigogalindez.com/wordpress-themes/


Here is another professional and elegant-looking theme with a black textured background. It also has many customization features, like most themes.

Link to the template: http://wordpress.org/themes/penumbra

Clean Minimal

Again, here is another minimal WP theme that is black and white. It, however, has unique post date and overall typography despite the simple interface.

Link to the template: http://www.themelab.com/2008/03/06/free-release-20-clean-minimal/

Shell Theme

Here is yet another simple WP theme, but has a lot more white than black. The typography is neat and clean and so is the content arrangement.

Link to the template: http://themehybrid.com/themes/shell

Catch Box

Here is another black and white WP theme that also has much lighter colors. It has a lot of customization options like: sliders, social media links, custom backgrounds and headers, and supports many languages.

Link to the template: http://wordpress.org/themes/catch-box


It is always an awe to find blog templates on the Internet which are of high-quality, so go ahead and choose from these free black and white WordPress templates we have picked just for you.

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