10 Funny Office Birthday Ideas in Covid

We all kinda hope for a certain type of acknowledgment at the workplace on our birthdays. It’s our special day, and we want to draw more focus than normally and make it a memorable occasion that we’ll remember for years.

For companies, employee birthdays are a great occasion to celebrate. Even if you’re not together, you and your coworkers can organize anything exceptional for your colleague’s birthday. Virtual birthdays are the next best thing when we can’t celebrate our birthdays together at the office. These can also be a mode of fun if we use your imagination.

With that in mind, here are 10 funny office birthday ideas in Covid to make everyone’s special day exciting.

1. Organize virtual hangout

In the last several weeks, you’ve undoubtedly used a video-calling app a lot. Parents and family meetups have been confined to Facetime, Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp, etc. You can throw an online birthday bash on one of the platforms above and take advantage of the availability to bring more than ten people together. Build some cocktails, prepare a Spotify playlist for everyone to enjoy, play trivia, watch a movie together, or arrange a thematic party with everyone dressing up.

You can move your virtual birthday party wherever you desire with Canva’s adjustable Zoom backdrop visual content. You can still rejoice together even if you aren’t physically present. Make a video chat with everyone, and celebrate your teammate’s big day. It’s a wonderful approach to ensure that the remote employee receives a lot of love on their special day.

2. It’s time for gaming night!

Traditional board games are fantastic ice-breakers and bring teams together with a feeling of common purpose. You may play virtual reality versions of classic games like Monopoly, Cluedo, and Risk on Tabletopia.

 Outback Team Building, on the other hand, is a company that specializes in delivering entertainment for remote teams and includes a virtual game show host. Virtually, you may have a good time with some games, beverages, and, of course, your coworkers.

3. Video Greetings!

If getting everyone in the team together at the same time isn’t possible, have everyone record a video message for the long distance birthday of any individual. Using several web apps, it is now simple to produce a video card. You can send out a link, and other coworkers can make a video clip to be included in a birthday compilation. You can then combine the files, edit them, and send them to your teammate as a gift.

4. Send Cake and Goodies

Birthday celebrations are typically capped off with delectable birthday cakes! Because you won’t be able to find a store-bought cake, we propose making your own. With a wonderful home-baked birthday cake, you can take your celebrations to the next level. To express the birthday joy, choose a flavor that your coworker enjoys the best.

5. Shake Up Your Cocktails

Champagne is appropriate for special events and on birthdays celebration with a drink is a wonderful idea. During Cocktail Shake-Up, you and your coworkers can teach how to make beautiful drinks together. This virtual event is suitable for birthday occasions while at home.

6. Virtual Karaoke Party

You can host a Zoom conference or any other conference room on any virtual platform. The playlist can be created ahead of time by the host. Everyone can send song requests via Zoom chat and keep their microphones muted until it’s their turn to perform.

7. Send a care package.

The best gifts are those that come as a surprise. Work teams, like everyone else, appreciate receiving gifts in the mail. To enhance enthusiasm and honor noteworthy events, you can send care gifts to your teammates. Employee virtual care package ideas include- kits for making crafts, subscription boxes for snacks, plants for the home, decorations and snacks for the holidays, perfumed candles and essential oils, musical cards or 3-D pop-up cards and the list goes on. You might even personalize your care gifts to reflect the interests of your employees.

8. Organize a Parade

It is quite funny but is a great idea! If you live close by, consider organizing a surprise procession of honks, signs, and balloons out the window at the birthday person’s house. They might cry with joy to see friends’ faces other than in a monitor screen when the procession in front of their house. We don’t tolerate littering, but we’ll make an exception for excessive noise this time.

9. Classic Movie Nights

Bringing teams together by watching a classic film is an inexpensive and fun method to do so. Make sure to work ahead of time to choose a film that will appeal to everyone. Choose something entertaining and likely to trigger reactions—horror films and thrillers are popular. Remember to take a break halfway through the performance so that everyone may talk to one another.

10. Send an e-greeting card

Sending an ecard with best wishes from the team is another approach to commemorate your employee’s birthday. Gather everyone’s short messages and put them into a group ecard using a service like Paperless Post. Personalization provides a unique touch to the gift and shows that you put thought into it.

What’s the Point of Celebrating Employee Birthdays?

Birthdays are significant occasions. It’s a time for cake and festivities. It’s always wonderful to know that others care, even if you’re not a birthday person. And how companies demonstrate that they care, especially in these difficult circumstances, is an important aspect of their corporate culture. Establishing your company as a fantastic place to work assists in the development and selection of key talent.

  • It helps in the elimination of loneliness: A remote workplace can be liberating, but it can also be lonely at times. And there’s nothing like a workplace celebration or just a brief team break to cheer up your remote workers.
  • It boosts mood and productivity in general: Group activities can develop a sense of belonging in team members. And feeling like you’re part of a team is a far stronger motivator than feeling like you’re merely striving to stuff someone else’s wallets.

Identifying special events worth enjoying one of the most crucial virtual office celebration ideas. It’s more vital than ever to join together and find reasons to rejoice, even while we’re separated. Remembering and celebrating your coworkers’ special days is a simple but effective strategy to foster collaboration and inclusivity among remote teams.

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