10 Helpful Smokey Eye Tutorials for Blue Eyes

Most people think that having blue eyes is easy, and you can style yourself in whichever way you want. They’ve got it wrong! There are actually a ton of things you need to consider. For one, mixing and matching is a must! Contrast those blue, sapphire eyes with a smokey burgundy look; or why not try a more bronzed smokey look for those with fair hair? If you do it right, eyes will definitely follow you when you pass by.

For great guides and design inspirations on how to make your eyes pop, check out this handy list! Here are 10 Helpful Smokey Eye Tutorials for Blue Eyes for all my those beauties out there.


1. From Beauty / Makeup Ideas


It may sound silly but the cool makeup possibilities for girls with blue eyes are just about endless because of the different color palettes blue-eyed women, like the one shown above, can play with when getting ready. Note the contrast of the smokey eye makeup style with those blue eyes and you’ll understand what I mean. For those eyes to achieve more beauty, just follow the tips on the link.


2. From Top Inspired


Women who don’t like heavy makeup look may experiment with the shadows in a lighter shade, like the one being shown above. Colorful eye liners are fun and can sometimes be chic as well. This makeup tutorial tells you how to rock a blue eye liner. Eyes become full with stories as they are paired with the blue liners.


3. From Cosmopolitan


Cat eyes are just adorable, as you may see on the woman above, and the tutorial on the link shows you how to get them without any eyeliner. This is the magic that the right amount of eye shadow can do to your eyes. If you are stressing about the fact that you have hooded eye lids, fret no more because although they are a little complicated when it comes to applying makeup, there are few amazing tricks that will make the whole process a piece of cake for you if you follow the proper instructions.


4. From Top Inspired


To have eyes like the ones above, first of all, you should know that when you have hooded lids, you need to bring your contour higher than your natural crease to give the illusion of wider opened eyes. Be careful to draw your eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible, and preferably thinner. The rule for hooded eyes stands that you should use only mat colors.


5. From Lively


Golden shimmer eye makeup, like the one featured above, is so shining that it’s great for some darker situations. You may wear such a chic look for a wonderful night look. The full brows and black cat eye liners complete this simple yet stylish makeup look that will surely draw the wanted attention that you deserve.


6. From makeup.nowblogg.com


It is possible to be goth in your makeup choices, like the ones shown above, and still have those icy blue eyes catch the attention of everyone. In fact, the contrast of a very dark, smokey eye makeup around those blue, clear eyes gives a mysterious yet classy effect. Be bold and daring with your smokey eye makeup for your parties and be the talk of the town.


7. From Stylish Women Outfits


You don’t have to do the heavy smokey eye makeup if you want to look glamorous. All you have to do is apply white eyeshadow for cleaner eye effect. Apply the black cat eye line in a thick way and add a lot of mascara in all the eyelashes. However, notice that the light golden makeup on the eyelids still gives off that smokey feel.


8. From Top Inspired


Combining brown and blue eyeshadows for a more dramatic effect, like the style being shown above, with clear blue eyes results in a look that is both scintillating and chic. There is still some smokey effect, yes, yet the overall look still looks presentable enough to be worn even in strictly formal parties. Follow the tutorial for the effect that you see above.


9. From stylesweekly.com


When you are invited to the parties, what kind of makeup should you wear? There isn’t a better option than the shimmer look like the one above. This style may even be called the party makeup look which, actually, can also be stunning enough for a formal night out. This style is so fashionable but can be achieved easily.


10. From Top Inspired


Those brooding look on those blue eyes seen above can express a myriad of emotions anytime. Notice that the color palette for the smokey effect is almost similar to the eyes but just on different shades. Follow the simple steps to have a similar effect when you go out to events and parties where you just want to be seen and admired.

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