10 Highly-recommended Google Fonts For Your Website

Google Fonts mark the coming of a new age of typography in the World Wide Web. Simply put, it removes the barriers of simple font usage and crappy or generic text styles into a smooth, minimalistic and formal approach. By 2013, it is recommended that your website should already use Google Fonts so that you won’t be left behind by the awesome designs of all the sites around you.

In this article, we are going to give you ten of the best Google Fonts or Font Combinations for use in your website, blog or anywhere you like to embed it on.

1. Days one and Lato (Minimal)

If you are looking for a minimalist theme that is simple and very easy to read, try this font combination. This fits perfectly for corporate advertising, presentations, etc.

2. Lovers Quarrel and Italianno (Quill)

If you want handwriting scripts, then this is the combo to use. It can fit themes like weddings and other formal occasions.

3. Oxygen and Ubuntu (Modern)

Another simple and minimalistic font combination is this one, but it is slightly lighter in font weight.

4. Fredoka One and Varela Round (Rounded)

If you are looking for clear and rounded font combinations, try this one.

5. Fredericka the Great and Crimson Text (Sketchy)

If you want a classic but still slightly modern design, this combo is the one to use. It can be perfectly used for literary-themed websites and blogs.

6. Raleway and Goudy Bookletter 1911

If you are looking for a vintage combo, then this is the one to use. It’s pretty simple but readable and good-looking.

7. Creepster and Neucha (Creepy)

If you want a horror, zombie-apocalypse or Halloween-themed font set, you can use this combination. Very ‘creepy’ as the name implies.

8. Federo and Poiret One (Cocktail)

This is a great font that you can use in the field of culinary arts, fine dining, hotel and restaurant management, etc. After all, it does remind you of a cocktail bar signage.

9. Bangers and Boogaloo (Comic)

This is a combination you can use if you are working on comic books or related media. It’s kind of wacky but in a modern and readable manner.

10. Pacifico and Rancho (Surf)

For a more casual design, this is the combo to use, especially with beach or vacation designs and themes.

More font combinations

You can also experiment with your own combinations at: font-combinator.com/

How to add the fonts

To add the fonts to your website, follow these instructions:

  1. For headers, use: h1 { font-family: ‘[font name]’, sans-serif; font-size: 43px; line-height: 53px; }

  2. For paragraphs, use: p { font-family: ‘ [font name], cursive; font-size: 16px; line-height: 18px; }

  3. Just paste them onto your HTML and CSS files and that’s it!


Google Fonts are here to spice up your website or blog designs, so why not try them today? After all, the WWW is constantly changing, and that means we have to keep up with the pace by upgrading our designs into more simple yet eye-catching ones.

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