10+ Mini Website Icons For Free

Today’s websites get more graphical and visual when compared to the ones which appeared five or ten years ago. With the massive need for more resources, thankfully there are artists out there who are just generous enough to bring in the rain of art for anyone who’s looking for it. If you think you are one of them, you just found a nest for it.

Today’s deal: mini website icons of 2013

1.Foodie Pack 2013

Foodie Pack Icon 2013

Designed by the guys behind FreePik, this collection of food icons is probably the most ample for this year, covering up to 200 icons in various sizes and formats, including .ai and .eps.

2. Default Icon

Default Icon

Probably one of the most sought-of repository website for all your generic icon needs. With over 600 icons ready for download, Default Icon features icons that are scalable and can later be colored since being generic means that what you get for a start are all black icons. Included in the downloadables are .eps and .png formats in different sizes.

3. Token


Created by the artist with the pen name brsev of DeviantArt, the Token pack is a collection of 128 unique icon designs that range from browser and app icons to other major tools and links you’d encounter on smart devices. Icons come in greyscale but features inner shadows for an engraved impression. Download comes with .ico and .png formats, together with a tutorial document plus a PSD reference file.

4. IconSweets

IconSweets offers up to 60 free-to-download icons good for customizing the looks of any smart devices and for starter website and UI designs. The icons are basically flat and simple, but the clarity is very intuitive for each icon for anyone to guess.

5. Handset Icon

From someone named Ava1219 of DeviantArt, the Handset Icon pack gets a real good collection of icons that everyone with a smartphone can recognize and utilize. Icons come in different sizes and in different styles, and some would even look a little classic for those who are nostalgic of the late cellular phone interfaces.

6. Simple and bold social media icons

One of the simplest collection of social icons you can have, the icons from WooThemes feature the most common social media icons in six different colors but in all the same 16x16p size. Not available for vector download, but what you get are .png files together with the .psd files for reference.

7. Biggest Collection: 1000+ Free Mini Icons For Web And Mobile GUI Designing

Free Mini Icons for Web and Mobile

The title says it all: from DesignDrizzle, you get more than 1000 pieces of icons ready for virtually all UI design needs. Icons come in two different styles, and ranges from social media icons to weather icons to navigation icons. See for yourself if what you currently need is included in the long list of icons.

8. WooFunction Icons

WooFunction Icons

Another great collection from WooThemes, the WooFunction gets a more stylish collection of up to 178 icons ready for UI needs. Icons are filled with youthful but not too vibrant colors, and details are more profound than simplicity in this collection. Download includes the .png formats of these icons, and unfortunately, you won’t get the vector versions of them.

9. Iconic


Iconic of Some Random Dude comes in an extraordinary package by bringing these highly minimalistic icons not only in raster and vector formats but also in font formats. Icons are highly pixel-perfect, and can easily fit in to any simple or complexe UI or UX design needs. Icons cover from simply checkmarks to social icons and many more.

10. 1000+ Free Mini Vector Icons in PNG

Free Mini Vector

Another gigantic collection of icons generously offered by Ginva. The icons come in a very unique skeleton-type design style, and are offered in 40x40p .png format for use. Icons are very youthful and friendly despite the simplicity, and rangers from weather icons to currency icons to shopping cart icons. Feel free to take your pick.

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