10 Natural Wedding Makeup Look Ideas & Inspiration

Every bride wants to look and feel their best on their wedding day and choosing the perfect makeup can sometimes be a bit overwhelming especially if you want to apply makeup to look like you haven’t applied makeup! Confusing, isn’t it? We’ve provided some beautiful wedding day makeup inspirations below for some very natural looks for the bride that isn’t used to wearing much makeup on a regular basis as well as some looks for the bride that wants something a bit more than their normal yet not too dramatic.


1. From moncheribridals.com


To have that fresh look like the bride featured above, fill in your brows with a brow eyeliner or an eye shadow. Also, choose your color wisely so it doesn’t stand out from your natural brow color. Don’t make the edges to pointy, remember, you want to look like you woke up like this. The blush must also be light and natural-looking enough as well as those lips that must be colored very lightly.


2. From Stylecaster


To have that look like the beautiful lady above, remember that you don’t want to give an extra shine to the oils that are already in your pores. After cleansing your face with a tonic or just plain, lukewarm water, make sure your make up is matte. Starting from your primer to your lipstick and lip liner, all matte. You’ll be looking all-natural in no time!


3. From wilwheaton.tumblr.com


How beautiful and fresh is this face that looks at you with such innocence. In order to have that fresh-as-the-morning look, you have to have a before-bed routine. This includes applying a brightening serum before you apply your favorite moisturizer so that the blemishes go away time after time. For a better glow, look for a serum that is paraben-free.


4. From Weddingomania


If you think matte make up is too boring, and might not look as natural for dark-colored skin tone like the one above, add a cream blush to your cheeks to give you a little bit of sweet shine. A cream blush in the morning is always a better idea than the powder blush because it looks more natural and smooth on your cheeks. Coupled with dark, smokey eyes and light-colored lips, you’ll surely make your groom fall in love all over again.


5. From blog.wedpics.stfi.re


If you want to wear an eye shadow and look natural at the same time, like this gorgeous lady above, make sure you blend your eye shadow as thoroughly and evenly as possible. Get a proper brush for blending and just do it because unblended eye shadow doesn’t look good in any occasion and especially not in the morning hours. Be that fresh, sweet bride on your wedding day.


6. From Makeup Tutorials/Ideas


Are you in search for a theme? Considering vintage? A chic but natural vintage bride look, like the one featured above, must not be off your list. Vintage is considered ethereal and pretty timeless. Apply matte foundation and blush on your cheekbones and just a tad of dark around the eyes. Wearing dark, red lips, if you have flawless skin like the one above, will look natural as well.


7. From Charlotte Tilbury


Keep in mind that nothing looks as fake as a triple layer of spider web on your eyes. To elongate your lashes and too look as natural as you can, like the bride above, you only need one good layer of a high quality mascara. The important thing is to know how to apply it so start from the bottom of the lashes and work your way to the top, wiggling your brush side to side.


8. From Top Inspired


The world is obsessed with the all-natural look, like the one on the bride above, but it is very hard to obtain because a pimple will show up now and then, a sleepless night can cause the under eye bags, some wrinkles might show unexpectedly. Some women are blessed with a healthy skin and others need to take special care and put in a little effort. Invest in, and regularly use, before makeup products that will draw out that natural glow on your skin.


9. From thewhywelove.com


Instead of dark colored eyeliners such as black, use a natural light brown eye shadow under your eyes for a subtle definition like the style you see applied above. If your eyes are brown, this will open them up even more. You are free to apply this eye shadow all over your eye lid if you want to, the color is neutral and it doesn’t look too intense on the morning eye.


10. From Rustic Folk Weddings


Natural beauty, like the stunning bride above, must show in order to have that natural look though makeup has been applied. Remember to consider the color of the eyes and the skin tone when you apply the mascara, eyelines, blush, lipstick, and other products for you to achieve that natural look. Be the striking bride that you can be on your wedding day by following the tips on the links provided for.

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