10 Proven Ways to Generate More SaaS Leads

The way consumers act towards purchasing services and products have significantly changed ever since the Internet was introduced. They no longer get swayed by TV commercials. Since most people are able to access the Internet at their fingertips, they tend to do online research prior to availing a particular service or product.

While this is a good thing for consumers, it may not be so good for businesses. After all, they cannot make consumers purchase their services and products in an instant. They have to work really hard to make them believe that they really offer the best brands, service, etc. They have to use SaaS lead generation strategies that work.

Leads are essentially individuals who have shown interest in the services or products of a company. However, these people are not completely set on making a purchase, so they have to be convinced to becoming paying customers.

Effective SaaS lead generation strategies are necessary because without leads, businesses would fail. If companies play their cards right, they can even turn customers into brand ambassadors.

If you are a business owner and you want to learn more about effective lead generation strategies that would help you attract more customers, the following B2b lead generation for SaaS may prove to be useful:

1. Create a Social Media Profile

Today, nearly everyone is on social media. So, it only makes sense to build a social media profile. Setting up social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, is perhaps the best way to generate leads if your target audience is inclined to using these platforms.

You can create a Facebook page and get followed by interested individuals. You can also use Twitter to engage with these leads and encourage them to try your brand. You can also publish compelling content on LinkedIn to make your business known to more prospective customers and/or clients.

2. Test Direct Mail Campaigns

You can try sending personalized letters in hand-written envelopes to your leads. This can make your prospective customers feel more valued. Be sure to send a follow-up email to set a meeting or call.

You may also give your leads gift cards. While this may push your Cost of Acquisition (CAC) a little bit, it may increase your chances of getting a positive response. If this method works well for you, your Lifetime Value (LTV) can exceed these costs.

3. Invest in Lead Generation Tools

There are plenty of tools that you can find on the market, such as lead generation software. They can help you perform a variety of tasks including sourcing and managing leads through sales funnels and making more network connections.

Investing on the best lead generation tools may put a dent on your budget at first, but they would surely prove to be worthwhile eventually. So, don’t hesitate to spend money on the best lead generation software.

4. Create Useful, Informative, and Interesting Content

When you produce content, make sure that it is useful, informative, and interesting at the same time. People would not want to read something informative yet boring. Likewise, they will not stay around checking out useful yet unremarkable content.

If you want your leads to turn into customers, you have to give them something valuable. For instance, valuable content is essential in lead generation for SaaS companies in Abu Dhabi. This content should be valuable enough that your leads would want to like, comment on, and share it with other people.

5. Offer a Free Trial

Giving out something for free may cost you money in the beginning, but it can also increase your chances of turning more leads into paying customers.

If you offer a free trial or attractive SaaS lifetime deals, you will get a lot of people to try it out. If they realize that your free trial is amazing and exactly what they need, they will eventually upgrade their free trial version into a paid one. 

Even if they do not feel compelled to upgrade to a paid version, they may share their free trial experience with other people. Hence, more people will try out your product.

6. Host Webinars On a Regular Basis

Hosting webinars is one of the best ways to generate leads. They are engaging, educational, and an opportunity for individuals to communicate and share ideas with one another.

When you host webinars, you can engage more visitors to your website as well as identify which of them are truly interested in your business. After all, attending a webinar session requires time commitment. Hence, the leads that you would generate via webinars will be much more likely to be better than the ones you would generate using other methods.

7. Collaborate with Influencers

These days, influencers can be just as effective as models and celebrities yet not as expensive to work with. After all, they are also popular and have a lot of followers. You can pay them a fee or give them gifts in exchange of an endorsement. 

These influencers would use your products and recommend them to their followers and subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blog, and other platforms.

8. Capture Emails 

Email marketing tool are essential in lead generation campaigns. They allow you to directly push content to subscribers as well as enable you to schedule drip campaigns.

Make sure that you incorporate applications for email capture on your website. You have to offer something valuable to your leads in exchange for their email addresses. See to it that you give them something that would not make them want to unsubscribe from your newsletter in the future.

9. Try a Referral Scheme

People would always want incentives. So, if you offer incentives to existing users in exchange for promoting your business, they would most likely agree to do it.

Your referral scheme does not have to be costly. You can use applications that would enable you to set up and run these schemes at a reasonable rate.

10. Hire a SaaS Lead Generation Company

If you cannot decide which strategy is the best way for lead generation in Abu Dhabi, you can hire a lead generation agency in Abu Dhabi instead. Working with experts is ideal because they can improve your existing strategy and improve the quality of your leads.

They can gather contact information more efficiently, and they can research more opportunities for new leads.  They can also engage with your leads as well as track the marketing analytics of your website.

You may offer great products and/or services, but if you do not have an effective lead generation strategy, you may not reach your business goals. So, if you want to be successful, make sure that you turn your leads into paying customers and encourage them to promote your business to other people.


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