10 Best Real Estate Agents Around Vaughan (Ontario)

When it comes to looking for the ultimate dream home, real estate agents have always been around to act as the middlemen, a guide of some sorts when it comes to navigating the real estate jungle, an area filled with a variety of properties and land that can actually be a bit confusing for the first time property purchaser.

Everyone talks about having the perfect fit, whether it’s shoes, clothes, and even the perfect partner. It goes the same for real estate. The connection between the client and agent has to be harmonious, especially when it’s about looking for a place to settle down. After all, home is where the heart is.
Here at Brand Glow Up,  we know what it’s like for anyone, whether it’s a pair of blooming newlyweds, a couple making their first move together, or if you’re just looking to purchase your first home for yourself; we’ve compiled the top 10 real estate brokers around Vaughan, Ontario who are making hits around town, and who can hopefully help you search for the dream abode you have envisioned, for life.

1. Levon Home Selling Team

Levon Gyulinyan has been making waves in the real-estate department for quite some time now, as a former banker, he was able to utilize his knowledge in various types of residential and commercial properties during his tenure in the finance sector. Since then, he has been able to help families in the Greater Toronto Area procure and sell off their properties, while also gaining wealth.
His understanding of the market has helped develop a long withstanding trust with his clients, both buyers, and sellers, especially when it comes to achieving their goals at the highest of standards. Levon creates a truly customizable experience, whether it’s buying or selling, he makes sure that you are completely satisfied.

Location: 2234 BLOOR ST. W., TORONTO ON M6S 1P2
website: http://www.levonteam.com

2. Soheil Shivarani

Over the years, Soleil Shivarani has gained a reputation for being one of the most in-depth agents in the real estate industry.  Speaking from experience, his principles center around providing an inclusive experience for the client, he says “, I have learned that doing more listening than talking helps get better results for my clients. For this reason, I specialize in honest, Insightful, and proactive advice and strategy for my clients. The market here moved so fast, It’s my job to keep you up to speed.”

location: 9411 Jane St, Maple, ON L6A 4J3, Canada
website: https://soheilshivarani.com/

3. Amatul Waheed

Amatul Waheed has made a name for herself in the industry as one of the vibrant personalities emerging in the Vaughan real estate scene, she prides herself on taking care of her clientele by establishing well-thought-out relationships. She always makes sure that the client is the number one priority, whether it’s selling your home or finding the perfect one.  This is why Amatul’s method works, she has created her own inclusive approach when it comes to having the perfect relationship with her clients. She has worked for years in being one of the top agents in her brokerage.

location: 9100 Jane St Unit 116 Bldg, Vaughan, ON L4K 0A4
website: www.amatulwaheed.com

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4. Cecilia DeFreitas

Over the years, Cecilia DeFreitas has always infused her approach with tradition, especially when it comes to looking for the perfect home for the discerning client. she has always approached the real estate industry with a sense of mature growth. having immersed herself into the cultural scene of Toronto and embracing it fully. she has always believed that family is number one, and that is how she treats her clients, much like family.

website: www.ceciliadefreitas.com

5. Nedelina Nedelcheva

Nedelina Nedelcheva is one of the bustling souls making the real estate industry boom in the local Vaughan area, she has an entrepreneurial spirit and a go-getter attitude that doesn’t stop pursuing what she wants. She initially started as a Mechanical Engineer and has worked on various projects and buildings in Bulgaria.  After emigrating to Canada, she decided to branch out to the real estate business, bringing her A-game to the industry with a diverse set of knowledge – from marketing, sales, and building knowledge.

As a realtor, she is fierce and ready to use her skillset to make sure her client is aware of the most minute detail, especially when it comes to purchasing or selling property.

Location: 4220 Steeles Avenue West #12, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Ontario, L4L 3S8

website: nedelinarealestate.ca

6. Alex Nguyen

As one of the top real estate brokers in town, Alex Nguyen credits his success to relationships and friendships that he has curated over the years with friends and clients alike.  He treats each property/home as his own and has a passion for curating nothing but the best. He has an eye for aesthetics and design and works diligently to find the perfect home for his clients, especially in the booming Greater Toronto Area, where everything does go by at a fast pace. Under his care, he wants his clients to rest easy with more money in their pockets, and the notion that they are fully taken care of, no matter what.

Location: 9311 Weston Rd, Unit 6 Vaughan, On L4H 3G8

website: www.alexallstars.com

7. Vanguard Realty Brokerage Corp

The Vanguard Realty Brokerage Corp has been around for more than a few years, give or take 100. They are one of the most proficient real estate firms around. Vanguard Realty has innumerable resources when it comes to marketing, sales, and leasing properties ranging from re-sale homes and new construction properties. The company’s reputation is further strengthened by its dynamic team of professionals who contribute strongly to the firm by dedicating its strong sense of customer service and determination to satisfy client needs as the ultimate priority.  Whether it’s for selling homes or searching for the perfect one in the Greater Toronto area, high-quality service is always ensured with Vaughan realty.

Location: 501 Rowntree Dairy Rd Unit 2, Vaughan, Ontario, L4L8H1

website: vanguardrealty.ca

8. Lisa Sinopoli

Hiring the perfect realtor can be a task itself, but Lisa Sinopoli has made a name for herself, setting herself apart from other agents by becoming one of the 40 real estate agents in Canada, who are uniquely qualified to work with the spread out senior population, who in her experience, are always trying to downsize.

In her years as a senior agent, Lisa has allotted a lot of partner resources such as contractors, movers, legal, and accounting firms to help make the big move or purchase easy for the family. Her understanding of this makes her a suitable fit for anyone looking for an agent with a big heart.

website: lisasinopoli.com

9. Amit Aviran Real Estate

Amit Aviran has built a name for himself in the industry for a significant amount of time, as one of the biz’s highly-rated agents. His clientele has always been satisfied with the amount of dedication he puts into his work, especially when it comes to finding the perfect place to make a home in or selling your property at the most amiable prices.

website: www.aavirealestate.com

10. Royal Le Page, Real Estate Professionals

As one of Vaughan’s premier destination brokers, Royal Le Page offers a customizable real-estate experience that suits all clients’ most discerning. Their approach to handling clientele is strengthened by being constantly innovative and keeping up to date with the latest in the GTA real estate market.
Their team of professionals ensures that you, the client, would get what you really want: your perfect dream home or plenty of financial gain from selling your property at the most worth-it price.
Location: 8551 Weston Road, Vaughan, Ontario, L4L 9R4

website: http://rlpprofessionals.com/

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