10 Stunning Makeup Ideas for Brunettes

Brunettes are people whose hair color seems to be caught in between brown and caramel. Creamy coffee, butterscotch, and leather all come to mind. Having a somewhat neutral hair color, it seems that brunettes would have a hard time looking for the perfect makeup style that will best suit them. But don’t worry, because our design inspirations are here once again to save the day!

Here are Top 10 Stunning Makeup Ideas for Brunettes. After looking at this list, you’ll see that brunettes are one of the most flexible and adaptable in terms of mixing and matching makeup styles!


1. From Lively


One famous brunette is Olivia Wilde, who always manages to look pretty and stylish every time she’s captured by camera lenses. It seems that she can pull off so many different styles of hairstyles successfully not only because of her beautiful face but also because of the matching makeup that she sports. Notice the smokey eyes and the contoured cheekbones on that face made possible by expert strokes of makeup that complements her brunette hair.


2. From popsugar.com


Eva Green, that beautiful villain in the movie “300,” stands out in this makeup style that harmonized with her brunette hair. Those hard, intense stares that seem to penetrate the soul was made possible by eyeshadows that are heavy on the top part and lighter on the bottom part of the eyes. the cheeks are contoured by light blush and the lips are adorned with light colored lipstick as well.


3. From fashionloverhima.tumblr.com


Shiny cheeks on this beautiful lady above would seem to go perfectly with brunette hair as well. In fact, those shiny blush made her face and hair uniform in hue and shade somewhat. Again, notice the light lipstick matched with smokey eyes that seem to match seamlessly with those brunette strands.


4. From coolspotters.com


As you can see in the picture above, brunette ladies can make their makeup blend well with the color of the hair by applying even a darker hue of blush and lipstick. The smokey eyes, however, seem to be an essential style that should always be used. Those reddish curls really complement that golden look on the face and neck.


5. From ink361.com


Again, as you can see above, a golden face is perfect with brunette curls. Though the lipstick color is somewhat pale like the colors around the eyes, still, this brunette managed to pull it off. The overall effect is a stunning look of lightness and sultriness.


6. From Sortra


As proven by the model above, eyes need not look smokey all the time to match a brunette hairdo. With thinner outline of the eyes paired with a darker shade of lipstick, this model managed to look intense and sweet at the same time. The color of the eyes, which are as blue as the sea, made the overall effect exotic and unique.


7. From thrivingtwenties.tumblr.com


Sweetness overload are the words that best describe the aura of the model shown above. Again with the smokey eyes, the model’s almost non-existent blush on the cheeks almost went unnoticed because the fresh effect of the face adorned by a gorgeous crown of brunette hair. Simple yet elegant, this brunette beauty truly is captivating.


8. From Harper’s Bazaar


Brunettes in formal, evening dresses are really classy to look at for some strange reason. The contrast of the hair color with the pale overall makeup style on the face has a general effect of sophistication and depth. The makeup is really light and simple, as you may see, yet paired with those brunette locks, the effect is both graceful and sweet.


9. From Photobucket


A fresh, out-of-the-shower look goes well with this model’s brunette hair. Minimal make-up on pale skin, and only a minor pink blush will evoke emotions in even the most hardened, mascukine male. Those blue eyes will really stand out because of the minimal makeup! It definitely is a must that brunettes find the most suitable makeup style for them.


10. From Who Cares


Who knew that flesh colored lips would even look good on a brunette? With almost no blush, no smokey eyes, no heavy lipstick, and non-styled hairdo, this brunette still managed to look stunning. The natural beauty of brunettes have convinced me that it would be a breeze for them to look good in almost any makeup style.

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