10 Tips about printing materials for your next event

If you have a professional, industry event coming up and you are looking for creative ways to engage with your audience, one of the best ways is to print a booklet to showcase your products and services, and to highlight your authority as a brand. We’ve put together 10 tips about printing custom booklets for your next event, maximising the potential of your business and enhancing your print marketing endeavours.

  1. Understand your audience


The idea of any piece of marketing is to make a true connection with the audience you are attempting to seek out. Assess the profile of the person who is most likely to receive a printed booklet, leaflet, or brochure, and think about what it is they would like to see, what they would respond to most. Then you can design and create the printed materials to suit. It is also a good idea to potentially print different types of material for different purposes.

  1. Deciding whether to print in colour


You might worry that by using colour in your business printed materials might push the costs up a little too high for your liking. This isn’t always the case, but you do need to consider the alternative. Psychologically, black and white can have a negative effect in some cases, whilst it is harder to make a striking impact and great first impression when printing in black and white as opposed to colour.

  1. Be simple in layout


Simplicity of design is the perfect way to maximise the impact of printed booklets or brochures that you are using for business purposes. A simple printed leaflet or brochure doesn’t necessarily mean it is boring. Instead, think about how a simple layout helps the reader to easily get through your content with interest, making it a simple process for the reader to see what you want them to see and to take the next action.

  1. Be bold with images


Much like colour, imagery plays a big part in any printed materials. You want to make a splash and to wow your readers. Subconsciously, we respond in a positive way to bold images and big pictures, especially when it is conjunction with colour and simple design.

  1. Don’t be scared of white space


Colour, text, and imagery is great, of course, but these things only work if they are on the page against carefully located white space. Active white space helps a reader to easily run through your materials. A printed page that is overcrowded with text, bold colours, imagery, and no white space, is too hard to focus on for most people.

  1. Go big!


Sometimes, you need to make a big splash at your next business event. Online booklet printing allows you the choice of many different sizes to suit a wide range of needs and budgets. If you can afford to go bigger than the minimum size available, consider the positive impact this might have on the reader.

  1. Be smart and simple


Printing solutions that allow you to print booklets online make it much easier for you to take a sneak peek at what you’ll end up with. This approach is modern, smart, and simple. You have the ultimate choice of type of material, colour, size of print, and type of printed material.

  1. Think about maximising your budget


Depending on the type of event you have coming up, flyers and leaflets might be the most cost-effective choice for you to consider when planning to print a booklet or other type of printed material. What it means is that you get more bang for your buck and can reach a wider audience for your budget.

  1. Be sensible with booklet size


If you are choosing to print a booklet, be careful not to overload the reader. Some booklets are designed to showcase products and services for you to hand out at tradeshows, whilst some booklets are meant to show off your expertise within an industry, making you a trustworthy, authority. Booklets range in size between 3 and 30 pages in most cases, so choose the perfect amount for your audience and go from there.

  1. Think about easy branding opportunities


One of the more creative ways to increase brand awareness is to print branded materials and little gifts for your next event. It could be as simple as printing notebooks, calendars, mugs, or USB sticks to give to people at a tradeshow. It makes a big difference to steadily build brand awareness.

Online booklet printing and finding a professional service that offers you the chance to print a booklet that fits your specific needs for an upcoming event will make a big difference to your success. The perception of your brand can be greatly enhanced with some clever print marketing, with brochures and booklets for industry events and company events providing the perfect platform to hand out branded materials for potential customers, existing customers, and your suppliers to peruse at their leisure.

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