10 Top Icon Packs For Mobile App Development

You must have stopped here in this site because you are looking for a generous resource for your mobile app development course or progress. Indeed, in today’s time, we have a real lot of online resources offered on the web for use, and a lot of them are commitment- or guilt-free to use and share. Especially for this generation where software developers are tuning themselves to joining the app development trend especially for mobile or handheld devices, you might want to look at what you’ll get here today.

I am proud to share these superb 10 icon sets or packs that you’d love to check out before you truly decide that you’ll start out from bare foot progress. Creating icons, though simple and basic it looks like, is actually tedious, and unless you want to take advantage of these online resources that you are offered today, you’d surely spend a lot of time crafting what may even end worse.

1. Android Developer Icons 2

This may not be a good start for you if you are looking for free contents, but if you are careful enough to spend $25, what you get in this package are 200 Android icons that are highly customizable and friendly. Each icon comes in 4 different sizes and 14 colors, and works perfectly with almost all Android versions. The set includes the 200 icons in .png frmat, but you also get .svg, .eps, and .ai files for extra resource and flexibility. With so much compatibility, flexibility, and endless possibilities, I’m pretty sure you’d end up saving coins for this set.

2. Glyphish iPhone (iOS) Icons

The Retina display of Apple in its new line of devices are not only highly demanded, but the technology itself also demands more from developers like you. This new icon pack comes with Retina-ready icons that you can also use on Android platforms, depending on what kind of design pops up to your mind. The free version comes with only 200 icons, but if you are willing to pay $75, you get a real good collection of icons available in scalable vector formats (.eps), .png, .psd, and .ai for absolute customization and resourcefulness. Moreover, you also get these icons in two Holo versions (dark and light), and all are iOS 7-ready if you’d ask.

3. Token Icon Set

Offered by BRSev of DeviantArt, the Token Icon set features 128 unique icon designs, each coming in two variants namely dark and light versions. Icons are apt and ready for designing apps for both Android and iOS systems, and are available in different sizes like 256×256, 128×128, 32×32, and 16×16. The set is absolutely free to use, and thankfully, a master file is also offered within the package and in the form of a .psd file. There’s not a scalable format that you can use further, but with this generous but unique icon set, you can surely progress faster.

4. 108 Mono Icons: Huge Set of Minimal Icons

As the name of the set suggests, what you’ll get in this free package are icons that are highly simple, minimalistic, and rare. Up to 108 icons included, each icon comes in a colourable grey fashion in a 32×32 .png file format. We are not really happy that there’s not a master file or a vector format or even bigger sizes, but if you are looking for rare but free icons suitable for websites, security niches, shopping carts, user profiles, configurations, WordPress, then you’ve come to the right market.

5. Web0.2ama

Another great and exclusive offering from DeviantArt, this very good collection of developer icons is what you should always collect and remain in your resource box. Coming with more than 300 icons that are always free to use, you get some even rare icons like flipcharts, school boards, bins, temperature, tickets, magnifying glass, flags, Bluetooth, and a way lot more. Each icon is offered in .ico and .png format for on-the-go usage, and comes in various sizes from 16×16 to 256x256p. You may not be able to edit these files with their raw formats, but at least you get a bunch of cool icons that are always ready to be used.

6. 350 Icons for iOS, Android, & Windows Phone

You may already get the icon packs ready for both Android and iOS devices, but how about devices by Windows? This set which comes in a luxurious price of $20, the 350 icons you get are all cross-platform, meaning, they can fit and blend well with any mobile OS’ of today. Plus to this, all icons in this pack are offered in both .png format together with a vector format of .eps, hence you can always stay on the trend without wasting much time. You can get a free sample pack from the site, but if you don’t want to miss a lot of items from the list, how about saving up for this pack?

7. Free iPhone Toolbar Icons

These icons which are offered for free are very suitable for you as a developer. Design with the programmers, designers, and developers in mind, the icon pack offered here includes 160 icons, all familiar for those who’ve been using iOS devices because these are actually toolbar icons. The icon designs may not be appealing and may not be totally updated and refreshing, but at least you get a very generous list including icons for text or paragraph, icons for music playback, icons for forms and other apps, and a lot more.

8. Free Flat Icons Set for Websites, Apps, and Infographics

Flat icons are a trend now, and deviating from this can be very tricky. Thanks to this post from Graphic Design Junction, starting up as a developer won’t be too hard for this new design trend. The icon set offered in this post are all free, scalable, and very UI-friendly. Highly usable also for creating infographics, icons include signs and symbols, shpping carts, office elements, and a lot more. These ‘flatilicious’ icons are 48 in count, and though they do not sum up that much to match your needs, at least you are given a good inspiration for your next icon designs.

9. Pixiconz

If you are looking for tiny icons for tiny needs but without waste of time, the Pixiconz may be the total package for your needs. Inclusive of more than 285 icons, these tiny icons are best for creating small elements on any interface design applicable. Icons which come in 12x12p are also colourable, and are all sorted in a .psd file for easy reference. This set includes some rare icons like Photoshop tools, signal bars, web navigation icons, interface elements, and a lot more. You cannot really scale them if you want them big, but how far could you ask for a free package?

10. MediaLoot Prime: 60+ Vector Icons

Looking for colored icons but cannot find the generic- or stock-looking ones? This set should probably complete your list of developer icon packs. The MediaLoot Prime, as the name suggests, comes with 60+ vector icons, which means that each are highly scalable without loss of quality. Icons include are social media icons, user profile icons, basic navigation and tracking icons, and a lot more, and can be even be downloaded in ready-made .png format. Though you do not get that much fanciness from this icon, having this basic set of colored icons should at least make your start a way lot better and easier.

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