10 Useful Document Management Tools For Businesses In 2023


Managing documents is a critical part of business operations. However, manually handling vast documents in your day-to-day activities can be pretty overwhelming. It is expensive and unnecessarily time-consuming. 

Unfortunately, 80% of business data in most companies is still paper-based.

Thankfully, as technology advances, the way documents are handled and organized in the workplace is evolving and becoming less stressful. 

Gone are the days of overstuffed filing cabinets, stacked files, and lost paperwork. Today, there are numerous tools that can help you streamline workflows and increase efficiency by managing your documents digitally

These tools are built to keep your documents organized, accessible, and secure, which is critical for the new fiscal year. Here, we will share ten of the most helpful tools for document management you can use in your business in 2023.


What are document management tools?


Document management tools or document management systems (DMS) are software solutions that allow businesses to store, organize, track, and manage digital documents. Just like business process management tools, these tools come with multiple features that make your operations as seamless as possible.


Key features of document management tools

Before you choose the right tool for managing your documents, you must be familiar with the features of standard document management software. Find the most important below.

Free form templates

Tools designed to help you manage your documents have free form templates to help you save time. Instead of having to design invoices, contracts, letters and business plans from scratch, these tools have a vast library of templates for you to choose from.

Document search

Document management software typically have a quick search feature that allows users to find documents by searching for their titles. Some advanced tools support metadata, keyword, and document content search.

Document indexing

Users should be able to categorize documents based on keywords, labels, symbols, and other attributes with DMS.  

Web access

Storing, editing, and sharing digital documents over the internet from any location are standard features of document management systems. The best of them allow secure access over simple mobile devices. 


Given the pervasive threat of online exploitation, it is not surprising that document management systems are equipped with cybersecurity measures, such as data encryption, access controls, and backups, that ensure adequate data protection. 

Annotation and formatting

Many document management programs include tools for adding comments and formatting content. Formatting documents is vital for many reasons, including drawing readers’ attention to important points. It also allows you to add images and captions and generally make documents more reader-friendly. 


Since document management software store large amounts of information, they must have sufficient storage capacity. They typically feature varying storage capacities, and you can choose based on your preference or requirement. 

Multiple supported file formats

Users can edit, create, share, and store documents across varying formats on the best document management tools. 

10 useful document management tools for businesses in 2023

Below is a list of the best document management systems (DMS) for your business. We’ve compiled this list so you won’t be overwhelmed by the countless options available.

1. Smallpdf


Smallpdf is a unique DMS that gives users access to a large number of document templates, such as invoices, contracts and agreements, business plans and letters. Users can create, customize and sign multiple documents with this tool with just a few clicks. Smallpdf can also act as a PDF scanner, compressor and converter. The best part? You can try all these features and more for free by signing up for the free trial offer.


2. ClickUp


ClickUp is an efficient document management tool. Like many other DMSs, it allows users to edit, share and securely store digital documents, but its most impressive feature is its customizability. Basically, users can edit the templates, notifications, color themes and fields on this software. It is also an effective task management tool. Here are some of its features:

  • Chat platforms
  • Real-time progress reporting
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Workflow automation


3. iManage


iManage is an excellent DMS choice because it is designed to categorize documents, using various criteria. This allows users to easily find documents by checking the relevant categories. It also comes with a quick search bar, making locating records more effortless. The best part is that it seamlessly integrates with third-party software, including Google Workspace, Outlook, Teams, and Google 365


4. M-Files


M-files is a comprehensive, metadata-driven document management software that acts as a hub from which all authorized individuals can access information. It is designed to make only the latest versions of documents accessible so that no one accidentally works on old content.

Of course, it has file-sharing and editing features to seamlessly collaborate with different clients, employees, shareholders, and other authorized people. You get to communicate better with your staff and make decisions more efficiently, courtesy of M-Files. 

This DMS also has advanced authorization and encryption protocols that ensure that every document stored is highly secured.


5. Templafy


Like any excellent document management software, Templafy collects documents from various sources and compiles them into a neat library for easy access. It goes a step further by reporting changes to those documents in real time, so team members can track their progress and collaborate instantly. 

What’s unique about Templafy is its ability to manage different document types using built-in custom templates. In other words, you can easily create, edit, share and store a variety of documents (PowerPoint presentations, emails, contracts and letters) with Templafy.


6. DocuWare


DocuWare is a robust digital software with many features. As a cloud-based DMS, it allows users to save and access files on the cloud from anywhere. However, its most impressive feature is how it can seamlessly scan documents and convert them to digital copies in multiple formats. Of course, it also classifies files and limits access to documents via controlled access rights


7. Box


If you’re looking for a document management system with a user-friendly interface and rich integration capabilities, Box is your best bet. It can connect with over 1,500 third-party apps, including Zoom, Slack, Okta, and Salesforce, making it one of the most versatile document management software. 

It also has a vast catalog of security protocols that ensure data protection and safety, some of which include Box Shield, Box Core Security, Box Keysafe, and Box Governance. In addition, Box allows team members to share, edit and collaborate on the same document in real time. 


8. Folderit


This cloud-based DMS is one of the best options available, not only because of its basic document management features but also because it supports features such as audit trail, file linking, document numbering, and approval workflow. Additionally, it allows users to search for documents within its database using keywords, metadata, and titles, courtesy of built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. 

The best part is that it is mobile-friendly, meaning you can do all your document management on the go. Overall, this DMS is safe, secure, and user-friendly – plus, you can get free access to its features for a 30-day trial period. 


9. Dropbox for business


With Dropbox, you can do more than save and share your documents securely on the cloud. First, it allows users to manage and sign legally digital documents, making your workflow more efficient and easy. It also offers document analytics, which gives accurate, real-time information on every record in its database. 

In addition, Dropbox seamlessly integrates with multiple third-party platforms such as Google Docs and Microsoft Office; that way, you don’t have to constantly switch between apps when working. 


10. PandaDoc


PandaDoc is a remarkable document management software solution for small and large businesses that wish to go paperless. It allows users to create, send and sign documents such as proposals, invoices, quotes and contracts within a few minutes. 

It also features document tracking software that checks if your document has been opened, viewed, or completed. Some of PandaDoc’s other document management features include:

  • Free PDF editing toolkit
  • Salesforce document generation
  • Salesforce electronic signature
  • Secure document sharing
  • Notary
  • Document automation software


Document management tools – a must for any business that wants to thrive in 2023

Any business still processing documents manually is living in the past. Actually, it is safe to say such a business is going extinct. Document management systems (DMS) have come to stay and the earlier companies embrace them, the better for them. What’s more, these tools make document management very smooth. 

However, choosing a suitable DMS requires some research. You need to carefully evaluate the features, ease of use, and pricing of the various document management software options to select the solution that best meets the needs of your business. Some of this research has been done for you here. Go through the list above and make an informed decision.

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