10X Your Conversions By Using These Funnel Strategies

Sales funnels are a critical part of business success, especially when launching innovative services. Even though entrepreneurs have original product ideas, your ability to communicate your value is the difference between having a hobby and a business.

From lead generation to high-ticket promotions, your intention to give the right service to the right people should be reflected in each part of the sales funnel.

Apart from building trust with your customers, marketing funnels can improve your brand reputation and increase conversions, so you can reinvest in your program and keep up with the feedback loop.

If you are wondering how you can increase your conversions with no guesswork, make sure to understand the critical points of your funnel to avoid hitting unexpected obstacles later on.

Can Funnel Design Make Or Break Your Business?

Marketing funnels have a feature that has been confusing many entrepreneurs who strive to increase their profits. The way these systems are designed requires marketers to master each step of the funnel to make it work.

The last thing that entrepreneurs want is making their funnel inefficient because of failing at some stage in between. Luckily, today’s software can give you quite accurate data about how to structure your business.

Consistency is key to increase the throughput of your funnel, and any minor change can notably affect the final result of the marketing strategy. Then, where should we start?

Increasing Brand Awareness

The largest stage of the funnel is essentially about telling people that your company exists. People always use to think about what they relate and know. When your visitors get used to your online presence, it is an Interest indicator.

Besides turning visitors into followers, the objective of Awareness is to have visitors coming back to your site, learning more about your services. Advertising and content marketing are excellent ways to introduce you to the public, increasing your traffic exponentially over time, and make visitors trust your brand.

Paid advertising can also give a huge traffic boost, but marketers use it mostly like a scaling tool. Make sure that the funnel works before making the process faster.

Make Visitors Consider Your Services

While it is phenomenal to break through the noise, the actual lead generation starts in the Consideration stage. By the time you get to this phase, you should have identified your ideal customer, so you can turn your visits into targeted traffic.

Audience segmentation can make a difference in the way your leads behave in the next stages of your sales funnel. We recommend checking marketing agencies such as Convincely to learn more about how to make your marketing strategy more effective.

The sales funnel demos presented by Convincely, a service that builds customized gamified marketing funnels, is a perfect example of how to boost lead conversions by improving your audience segmentation, tracking services, or ad campaign optimization.

Once you are targeting the right people, giving something for free in a lead magnet should be enough for the visitor to consider your business. Whether you gift a free data report or a 20-minute coaching call, your opt-in should be specific and appealing.

Explain what visitors exactly will receive, adding numbers if possible. “127 Profitable Ecommerce Niches 2019 Report” probably works better than “Guide to How to Choose Your Niche”. This is the only thing that people should see as soon as they enter their email.

A good way to make your lead magnet stronger is to be explicit and deal with objections. Be creative about the objections that people may have and address them in the title. For example, “Each Niche Made More Than $1500/Mo” or “It doesn’t require money to start”.

Finally, you need some sort of social proof to be considered. Facebook likes, reviews, videos, or testimonials can give enough credibility and make visitors want to learn more. Copy-writing and design can also help for lead generation.

Turning Leads Into Customers

The benefit of receiving emails from lead magnets is that you can increase your perceived value to increase conversions. If the list is long enough, a portion will naturally buy your services. As for non-buyers, you can send them to a content cycle where they learn more about your company, improving your trust and respect.

When creating an email-autoresponder sequence, it is instrumental in understanding how to react to every people’s decision before they make it. It is convenient to use in this stage the content marketing strategy created in the Awareness phase.

You could create a sequence where you share one service promotion for every three mails of free, valuable content.

Email sequences are accurate ways to understand the flaws of your funnel. Did the prospect buy something? How long it takes for customers to make their first purchase after signing into our list? If they didn’t buy, was our traffic targeting too broad? You can learn a lot from interesting questions when your sequence is organized.

Creating Recurring Customers

Loyalty. Does your funnel stop after the customer buys? For top companies, business starts before the first sale. Customer loyalty is the difference between making a quick cash grab and building a brand.

A brand is a business identity that makes customers buy again and refer you to others. Investing in customer acquisition is important because recurrent customers are the ones who make profits to the company, whether your strategy is affiliate commissions, upsells, cross-sells, subscriptions, or high ticket offers.

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