11 best sites to find free photoshop actions

Photoshop is one of the most useful programs for graphic designers. It comes with a powerful feature that lets you record a task as an action. Then, the built-in tool automatically replays the steps in order to complete the task.

With it, you can record your own actions or import them, thereby, giving you a wide variety of effects. This feature will also help you save time and effort in creating certain effects for your project. Collecting a library of Photoshop actions is especially beneficial if you’re working with photo editing.

These days, there are countless of PS actions that you can download for free. Some of them are individual actions; while others involved multiple actions. You may also obtain premium actions that are available for a certain fee.

Despite their usefulness, results may still vary from one photo to another. Remember that not every photo that you want to use will look great with every action. To create beautifully designed actions, however, you’ll need to experiment with them. In this way, you’ll know which actions are best for certain types of photos.

Where to download Photoshop actions for free?

1. Deviantart.com


Deviantart is all about digital art, which has plenty of PS actions that you can download for free. It also offers premium actions. From night to old to pastel actions, Deviant Art has something that you can take advantage of.

2. Photoshoptutorials.ws


With their available freebies (especially for creative photographers), you can save time in thinking of what to add to your photos in order to make them unique.

3. Brusheezy


4. Finessefx.com


Finessefx.com offers more than 70 downloadable Photoshop actions for free. It’s operated by a video producer and web designer named Karl Sneath. One of its popular actions is the Old Parchment that allows you to create aged paper.

5. Turningturnip.co.uk


It’s UK’s Photoshop actions specialists. In addition to web designing and actions, it also offers tutorials.

6. Mcpactions.com

MCP actions

Mcpaction is designed to improve the shots of both professional and hobbyist photographers. The actions it offers are quick and easy allowing you to edit your photos in no time. It also provides interactive online training classes. Plus, you can take advantage of its Photoshop video tutorials for free.

7. Panosfx.com

Part of its free add-ons service is free Photoshop Actions. Its Edge Effects is one of a kind. It’s a set of actions that give your photos several edge effects. Another popular action you can obtain from this site is the B & Big Picture that creates a 3D collage effect.

8. Thelightsrightstudio.com

In this site, you won’t only find free PS actions but you’ll also find extraordinary photographs that you can use as an inspiration for your next project.

9. Digital Camera World

Digital Camera World

Free Photoshop actions for portrait photographers!

10. Bitfuul.com


Created by its contributors. Although its collection is not as wide as the Deviant Art, it’s still a useful action site to find excellent actions.

11. Gettotallyrad.com

Some of its collections are free. But because of its beautiful images, you’ll surely want to revisit the site and purchase its actions.

With the Photoshop actions provided by these sites, your life as a photo editor will be a lot easier. Although some of the actions have almost the same effects, they’re still wonderful addition to your website or photography collection.

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