11 Black And White Social Media Icons For Your Website

Ever felt like your blog posts need more readerships? Then, you must tap into the rich world of social media where millions of people are gathered together. But how to do this, you may say? This can be achieved through the use of social media icons added to your blog site.

There are many social media icons out there that are really pretty and are just plain and simple. As this might be the case, in this post, I will be providing you 11 black and white social media icons.

So why use social media icons? One primary reason for this is to increase the traffic of your website. People who read your posts can automatically share your content by hitting the social media icon – quick and easy.

But I specifically mention black and while icons because of its natural ability to blend in with any background. They are simple and yet powerful attention grabber. Black and white is classy with an element of sophistication. Unlike colored icons that can easily be missed because of inappropriate blending, black and white can easily stand out and catch people’s eyes.

Free Black & White Social Media Icons To Download

So here are the icons that will help connect with a wider and larger audience on your blogging site, portfolio or website.

1. Clean black and white social media icon set

Clean black and white social media icon set

This is a perfect set of social media icon specifically designed for minimalism style. Since it is free, you can use this for business and personal purposes. But still, with all due respect for the creator, you must not redistribute or reproduce the social media icon set without prior permission from Creative Nerds.

2. Crisp free round social icon set


Crisp design makes the social icon look more visually real. This is created by Visual Swirl and primarily given to those readers of the team. The social media icon set consists of 25 icons representing various social media sites. In addition to this, mail, Apple, and RSS buttons are included. There are 3 sizes that you can choose from it comes with PNG format.

3. Fat social media icons set 2013


This icon set is filled with nice looking fat icons. They are big and yet not big enough to unnecessarily stretch the icon itself. The icons are nice to look at because of its playful and creative look.

4. Sleek and simply social media icons 2013


This one is completely opposite of the previous link. The icons are thin and fit. It still has the simple look ,but at this time, it is mysterious in some extent because of its limited size. Thus, you can easily place this in your website – on the side bar, footer, or header area.

5. IC Minimal Icon

IC Minimal Icon

IC Minimal comes with PSD file and is specially created for the fans of Design Deck. Their social media set contains 28 icons saved in PNG or JPG format. Some usage restrictions apply so be careful not to use the icons in a way that will disappoint the Design Deck.

6. B&W social network buttons

 B&W social network buttons

Black-and-white is the new trend in blogging sites. This set contains a lot more icons compared to other icon sets totaling to 44 icons in all! The shape, color, and size of the buttons are consistent which are ideal for almost all blogging sites whatever their background color may be.

6. Dark social icon set

Dark social icon set

This is special and unique icon sets. The icons are solid black and white but when you place your mouse pointer over the icon, it will turn into a different color. For example, the Facebook icon will turn to its familiar blue color.

7. Pace social icon set

Pace social icon set

This Consists of 24 social icons that comes in PSD, PNG, and JPG format. Pace social icon set is very attractive as it provides white spaces to increase attractiveness of your blog site. The Zerply icon is included, which is rarely provided by other free icon sets.

8. Minimal Icons

Minimal Icons

Created by deviant art, this social icon set definitely possesses the simplicity of color and design. But as expected, simplicity has its elegant and classy touch that will bring life to your website.

9. Minimal Icons By Brankic

Minimal Icons By Brankic

10. Social Icons Set by Danny Diablo

Social Icons Set by Danny Diablo

This is a free icon set contains 22 social media icons. The set is formatted in 24px by 24px PSD. Since they are black and white, it can be used almost in any background color. This is a perfect design so that it will not unnecessarily dominate or monopolize your website.

11. Glossy silver buttons

Glossy silver buttons

This is the ultimate collection of black and white icons with silver and glossy effect. It includes all the popular social networking sites as well as other rising websites. There are over 120 icons that you can choose from. Talk about freedom of choice!

These are just some of the great and fantastic black and white social media icons for your website. They are sleek, clean, simple, and dramatic. Improve your website’s aesthetic design and make sure that you add one of these icon sets.

Don’t underestimate the power of social icons because they can be your ticket to stardom – the status of having a huge following and readerships. Of course, you must bear in mind that you post relevant and helpful contents. This way you give your audience reasons for them to keep on coming back to your website.

Do you have anymore idea about black and white social media icons? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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