12 Awesome Jquery Calendar And Date Picker Plugins

JQuery Calendar and date picker plugins is very important when you want to add functional calendar on your website.

These plugins are more than just displaying calendar as it can have different function such as complete customizability and marking important events, schedules, and due dates.

Of course, there are many plugins that run with these types of program, so it is tough to go through all of them and decide which can be the best pick.

For this reason, I have come up with 12 calendar and date picker plugins powered by jQuery. This list will definitely give you a fresh perspective about how to design your website.

1. DatePicker

This plugin is basically one of the simplest and yet fully functional jQuery calendar today. There are many ways to customize the plugin to serve your purpose and need. Since DatePicker is easy to work with, it can be a great choice for beginners who want to set their page in the fastest way.

2. EvenTouch Calendar

This plugin is specialized in displaying previous and upcoming events. EvenTouch recently made an upgrade to include PHP version as well. As you examine EvenTouch, you might find some similarities with Google Calendar, but EvenTouch is simpler in its look and functionality. With the help of EvenTouch, you can easily find the events you are looking for, both archived and those upcoming events; navigate easily from one day to another and from a month to another; create events and modify them; and more.

3. Booking Calendar PRO

You might have thought that Booking Calendar is only useful for booking your flight, but the truth is that there are many ways to use this jQuery Calendar. You can easily add information about your booked schedules such as your rentals, bills, availability, and many others.

4. Pikaday

Pikaday is a datepicker that is very simple in style and its ability to give you a quick look at your calendar and schedule. There are key differences that Pikaday has with other calendar and date picker. First, it is not dependen t on jQuery anymore. It can even be used with the help of Moments.js in case you want to take your calendar to the next level.

5. jQuery UI Datepicker

There are different options that come with this plugin. UI Datepicker is definitely bliss to use because it will display calendar in various forms depending upon your preference. It is also easy to download with a jQuery UI bundle. In case you are already using jQuery, this can be the perfect choice since it is already compatible with the system you use.

6. gIDatePicker

Are you looking for a great interface and awesome looking appearance of a calendar? Then, try gIDatePicker. It has impressive interface that is nice to look at and use. When using gIDatePicker, you need to include the stylesheet together with its JavaScript plugin. The features of gIDatePicker include repeatable date ranges, special dates, and stylize overall calendar look. You can even change the first day of the week such as making Tuesday as your first day.

7. wdCalendar

wdCalendar looks very similar to Google Calendar to the point you might consider it as a clone. With wdCalendar, you have the freedom to view it in monthly, weekly, or daily basis. There is a drag and drop function that you can use to easily change the contents of each day. The installation is very easy and it can be integrated with your database with the least inconvenience as possible.

8. JQuery Frontier Calendar

Another look-alike Google Calendar, jQuery Frontier Calendar is the next big thing in calendar plugins. It has the greatest freedom of customization since it will allow you to decide how your tooltips, event form, previous-next month buttons, and other visual elements will look like. In case that you have too many events for a day, you can use the ‘more’ link so that all your agenda will fit in a single day. With the help of CSS file, you can change the background of your calendar.

9. jQuery Verbose Calendar

Verbose Calendar is classy in its look. It displays both days and months at the same time. You do not have to guess what day is a particular date; since when you bring your mouse pointer over a date, the name of the day will pop-up. Verbose will allow you to use with basic HTML coding and you can add other features with additional coding elements.

10. Eyecon Date Picker

The Eyecon Date Picker is highly customizable and will allow you to use range selection, CSS, custom first day of the week, and mark dates to note special events and occasions. There are multiple calendars within the bundle.

11. Zebra Datepicker

Zebra Datepicker is not completely a finished product because it is up to you to design the end-product. You will have to start with the frame and structure and add the flesh on your design. To start with, you will need the standard jQuery library. If you think that you don’t have enough time to design the Datepicker from the ground up, you can try the Zebra Datepicker CSS file. Since the file size of Zebra Datepicker is relatively small, your webpage will not have a problem loading the page.

12. VCalendar

VCalendar is a free online web calendar application where you can post new events and schedule your tasks. In fact, it is used now by different for profit and non-profit organizations and individuals. In addition to this, VCalendar comes in many programming languages so that it can be easy for you to integrate it with different programs or for improving your site in the future.

These are some of the jQuery calendar and date picker which you should try. I am sure that your website will certainly get a boost to its usefulness and efficiency as you use jQuery programs.

If you have more suggestions, please don’t fail to mention them in our comment box below.

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