12+ Free Decorative Photoshop Brushes

Decorations and ornaments are important when you are designing anything – posters, flyers, invitations and the like. In this article, we give you more than 12 free decorative and ornamental brushes for Photoshop.

List of Free Decorative Photoshop Brushes

1. Floral Ornaments by Pehaa


This is a set of high-resolution floral ornaments, mostly bell-shaped flowers and vines. They can be used as vintage and flourish backgrounds.

2. Ornament Brushes by Smirnoff-Sweetie


This set of border ornament brushes were made in PS CS3 and was drawn by the author’s friend in freehand. They have a flourish swirly design and can make a great frame.

3. Frosted Snow Flake Brushes


If you are looking for frosty ornaments for your graphic design then how about some high-resolution brushes? This set contains 6 brushes of snowflakes in different sharp patterns. It was made on PS CS6.

4. Heart Swirls by Susan Libertiny


This set was made in PS CS3 and contains swirls of vines with hearts on them. The brush sizes range from 1723 to 2500 px so it is surely of high-quality. There are 13 brushes on the set.

5. Ornament 2 by mohaafterdark


This set is perfect for minimalistic or black and white blogs or even literary and wedding sites. These grape vines were made in PS CS4 and the set contains 24 ornament brushes.

6. Vector Foliage Brushes


If you are looking for cool vector ornaments and swirls of plants or vines or anything else then this is a good brush to download and use. It has 56 brushes on the set, which makes it a huge one.

7. Christmas Ornament Brushes by DianasCreations


Since Christmas season is almost near, why not settle for a Christmas brush set? You may never know when you need it. The set contains 14 brushes, mostly bells and tree ornaments and was made in CS5.

8. Floral Swirl Brushes by Aka Joe


This is a set of cute vector vines and floral swirls. It has 20 brushes in the set and at high-resolution. The shapes of the flowers and the vines also vary from each other and can be used as perfect background designs and ornaments.

9. Swirl Trees by Heygrey


If you are looking for decorative trees with swirly branches then this is the brush to download. It has 7 brushes in the set and makes you feel like inside a fairy tale or fantasy world. You can optionally purchase the whole 16 pieces of brushes for $9.85 on the site.

10. Light Swirls


These light swirls can also be made into water swirls if you wish and they look best in a dark or black background with glow effect. The set contains 8 brushes.

11. Ornament Free Brush Pack


This set was made in PS CS2 and has 34 brushes on the set, mostly vines, roses, flowers, foliage and other floral and decorative plants to use on your graphical design.

12. Spring Flower Ornament Brushes


If you are looking for individual flower decorations rather than with stems or vines and swirls then this is a great pack to download. It contains 11 cute spring flower designs. It is free for commercial use when you credit the author.

13. Fantasy Butterfly Brushes by forestsouls


If you are tired of the simple butterfly brush on PS’s default set then have a go on this one. It’s fully-detailed and contains 8 brushes, works on all PS versions too.

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