12 Free Gothic Font Styles For Download

Like any types of design, typography is nothing that far in terms to creativity. Being a real sensible object especially for designers, fonts are created by designers as well to suit to different needs. Some would call it typefaces or font faces, but with a font style, designers can distinctly project different emotions, moods, and approach (tone) to a design, specifically to a message it tries to convey. Moreover, font styling delivers an authentic character to the design as a whole, and can be a palpable factor for making a design worth remembering.

Today, our Gothic fonts should cater to those designers longing for a more serious-looking design. Gothic fonts are known widely as used in horror and thriller films, and the same effect adds up to whatever project is being used. Feel free to browse and download the fonts through the links provided, and I hope you find one that suits you best.

1. Feathergraphy Decoration Font


Interestingly, the Feathergraphy font does not really have feathers. Created by Mans Greback, this font is very terrific for designs with a more calligraphic needs. The font features extensive stroke projections with several twirls and sweeps. The stroke width is also very varied, making it as catchy as possible without totally missing the letter comprehensibility. Though some letters would not really look like the actual letters, this font is something one would love to keep.

2. Royal Font


As the name suggests, this Gothic font should really fit for a king or some kind of royalty. The font style features very detailed elements within each stroke, making it more attractive when scaled up high. Though the font comes in an all-caps format, this font should be best for creating titles, word-arts, and 3Ds.

3. Medieval Queen


With a lot of thorny anchor points, this font should not really be for a queen per se. Created by Jonathan S. Harris, the font features semi-italic appeal with a lot of sub-strokes, much picturesque of a serpent tongue used as a brush. Great for being used on mystery and horror stories, the font should do well in creating horrific titles without losing legibility.

4. A Charming Font


This Gothic font is not really charming at all, but what may have put the name ‘charming’ in here is the fact that it is impressively simple but highly presentable. With hardly any extra strokes, this Gothic font appears as a vertically elongated font with broadened stroke width from the top and narrower on the bottom. This font is best used for both thriller ideas and even knighthoods.

5. Dirt2 Soulstalker Font


From the name itself, this Gothic font features some ‘dirt’ in the form of splatters from several areas of the font. The font style can come in bold, but the wider horizontal stroke width make it appear very strong when paired with a lighter-looking font. There are also some extra swirls like intertwined wires, but overall, it’s a pretty font that should put a little ‘dirt’ to your design.

6. PlainBlack Font


Shared by Paul Lloyd, this Gothic font is one of the simplest English-styled fonts you can use for free. The font may appear to be more vertically stretched, but I love the capital letters being extra-decorated with unnecessary strokes to make it look more like a royalty. The font can also come clean enough when used in paragraphs, but I’d say you better keep the kerning and the vertical spacing evenly distributed to make it look legible and pleasing enough.

7. Gothic Ultra OT Font


This Gothic font is incredibly simple without losing its identity. Offered by Blue Vinyl Fonts, this style features a very regular look without losing its Gothic-ity. With pretty ample counters, a little broadened stroke, and a non-obtrusive tail, the font is also perfect for paragraphs even in small size points. Better than these, this font is also friendly enough even for non-Gothic approach to designing, making it blend better than any other Gothic fonts out there.

8. Thor


We remember Thor as being the god of thunder according to some tales, but the font should also speak much about being appropriate for writing legends or heroic tales as well. This particular style of Gothic font features a very angular approach with strong pointed anchors, slightly narrow strokes, arrowed tails, and soft, serif-type ascenders. The font style is good for being scaled down to lower sizes, but I would not recommend it being scaled up too much.

9. GF Gesetz Font


If you are more on the ink-type of typography or calligraphy, consider taking a look at how creative this font style is being designed. The font features a very varied strokes, imaginative of feather styli with inks quickly running dry without embedding yet to the papyrus. The identity of the font style is hardly niche-dependent, but if you want a more abstract look for a Gothic font, then this should be a very good choice.

10. SF Gothican Font


The SF Gothican is your font style just in case you want a more linear look to your design. With very short curves but very long vertical stretches, the font also features an even stroke width across all ends except the serifs which are slight pointed and subtler. The font would be nice when referring to very old churches or structures, and can easily be recreated using the right set of tools.

11. Faith Collapsing Font

Shared by Nihilschiz, this font stands out as a Gothic font by adding an extra element to its appearance: a fading or withered effect. And this font is also unique in a way when it sits on a straight baseline; the arrangement of the fonts—together with the varied sizes—make the font style looked a little disorderly and jagged, but not too much. The style of the font alone is an old English one, but with a little added effect as mentioned, the word ‘collapsing’ would really be the appropriate name for it.

12. Kingjola Font

Ready to make your artwork a little dirtier? You may try this font because of the overly decorated approach. Offered by Lars Manenschijn, this font style is actually more of being a Gothic as the ‘vines’ are crawling out to tinker the negative space you should save on your paper. The font can also be a bit of floral in approach, but with this irregularity, the font should only fit to a few designs hungry for its elements.

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