12 Free HDR Actions For Photoshop

Photoshop actions are automated sets of commands that are executed in a particular order to gain or achieve an effect on an image. Actions are usually used for fast photo editing and such, and are an alternative to downloading Photoshop Filters. In this article, we will give you some free actions for Photoshop that generate an HDR (high dynamic range imaging) effect.

List of Free HDR Actions for Photoshop

Here are 12 cool HDR actions for Photoshop:

1. Fixthephoto Collection of Free HDR Photoshop Actions

This is a free bundle of Photoshop actions that will add a professional HDR effect to your photos in several clicks. This collection is good for amateur photographers and retouchers to edit landscape, travel, architecture and portrait photos. Clear contrast and bright colors are guaranteed.


2. @Kecotz HDR Tools


This set of PS actions for converting images into HDR effect comes in 4 variations: HDR fix light, HDR fix normal, HDR fix heavy and HDR fix clicker. You can also combine any of the actions to generate a desired effect.

2. Dylan’s HDR Detail Action by Toxic-Designs-Redux


This PS action creates two layers when it finished the action, giving the high contrast and sharp details of a real HDR image. In the preview image, we can see that the old, worn out baseball has more details when it was processed with the PS action.

3. Gritty HDR Effect


The details and sparkle on the contrast of this PS action is quite good and unique because of its ‘gritty’ effect, compared to normal HDR effect actions.

4. Pseudo HDR


This PS action not just produces an HDR effect for your image, but also allows you to modify the layer blending modes, opacities and other image parameters depending on your preference. The image examples show that lighter images gain more contrast and sharpness.

5. HDR Tools


This set of PS Actions comes in four variations: HDR Fix Light, Normal, Heavy and Clicker. The main difference between these actions is the heaviness of the contrast and the sharpness of the processed photo. You can combine any of the actions to get a desired effect.

6. HDR Fantasticalizers


This HDR PS Action may require a bit more tweaking rather than just applying the action, such as converting to 8bit image, adjusting the contrast levels or saturation, and other adjustments you may like.

7. HDR Fake Action by vacuumslayer


The PS action simply turns your faint or normal image into a high contrast HDR image. The preview image shows a very light photo of a swimming pool with white columns become HDR in an instant due to the extreme contrast and sharpness.

8. HDR for Dummies


The result of the HDR action comes in 4 layers, including the original background. You might need to adjust some layers, such as the layer that was set to Overlay (duplicate it to add color intensity).

9. HDR Action by SuperSzajs


Unlike most HDR PS actions, this one takes it a bit more lightly. In the preview image, the photo of a woman in Eskimo clothes had only its edges and details sharpened that make it also look like a painting or illustration.

10. HDR Effect 4.3


The preview image of this PS action shows that the contrasts and colors of the house and the sky are now more vibrant and sharp. It has also received a high reputation (10/10 stars) from the site.

11. Faux HDR Photoshop Actions


Despite being part of a set of 12 premium HDR PS actions, this one is for free. It has a warmer touch of contrast such that it gives more ‘yellow’ to the image itself.

12. Free HDR Photoshop Action


This Action simply gives your image an HDR effect, but with a lot of action processes. Nonetheless, the results are good quality.

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