12 Great Karaoke Sites Online

Karaoke is one great way of practicing your vocal skills, other than being a social activity. There are over thousands of songs to be sung, and lots of Karaoke websites for you to choose from.

Awesome Karaoke Websites for Singing and Downloading Songs

Here are some of the best sites for your karaoke pleasure:

1. KaraokeParty


Perhaps one of the most popular sites to sing free Karaoke songs, KaraokeParty can also be a game, as it allows you to challenge your friends to a sing-off and accurately scores you based on your voice’s pitch input, making the scoring system accurate.

2. Karaoke-Version


Here is another great karaoke site with high-quality and free songs and videos for you to download. It requires signup, however, much like KaraokeParty, but the videos have beautiful background designs. However, some of the songs are paid.

3. Karaoke-4-Free


This site allows you to play karaoke songs and download instrumental versions of the songs as well. It has mostly the popular songs of today and has an optional VIP membership for purchasing or even selling backing tracks.

4. HomeMusician


This is one of the most classic websites to download free karaoke songs. But the songs are in .kar format so you will need software for that. Luckily, there is a midi section in the site where you can browse through. The only downside is the heavy advertising.

5. RedKaraoke


RedKaraoke is another famous karaoke site with almost 45,000 and more songs, all in high-quality. They also offer a VIP membership for exclusive songs and freebies. Feedback tools like following favorite artists or posting comments are available.

6. The Karaoke Channel


This website offers a variety of service, more than just a huge library of karaoke songs. It offers membership plans, real-time karaoke singing and recording, apps for various gadgets (Android, iPhone, Smart TV, Xbox) and more. However, downloadable files cost money.

7. SingSnap


SingSnap is yet another karaoke website hosting free songs but you will need to sign up before you can sing. You can also record your performances, watch / listen to some, and interact with the site’s community and users.

8. RisingStars


RisingStars is a more Asian-oriented community site for free Karaoke songs to sing. There are also competitions and a ‘Hall of Stars’. You can search for many songs, mostly pop songs, to sing.

9. YouTube


Yes, even YouTube counts as a Karaoke site, because you can find a lot of free Karaoke and instrumental songs / videos there, especially ones with lyrics so you can sing along. The downside, of course, is that you won’t be scored with your singing skills.

10. Midaoke


This is pretty much a website that offers free MIDI files for you to sing. Most of them are standard and popular songs only, however. You must also download the VanBasco’s Karaoke player in order to see the lyrics of each song. Requests are open.

11. Karafun


Karafun is a nice karaoke site / service that could also be available for many other devices such as mobile, tablets and on your Windows OS. The only downside is the limit of 30 seconds for each song on the library.

12. This Is Karaoke


Here is another free Karaoke site that offers a ton of songs. It also offers various membership plans (Plus, Premier and Extreme) and is also a community site. You can even sort out duet songs.


Karaoke is a fun way of exercising your voice, whether alone or with friends. So in your free time, why not give these sites a shot?

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