13 Stunning Photoshop Brushes For Rays Of Lights Effects

Photoshop is a complex photo editing program. Even if you’ve been working with it for a long time, it’s quite impossible to know everything about this tool. The possibilities are endless. After a few weeks of learning some tricks, a new batch of techniques will come out.

One of the effects that you can apply using this software is the rays of lights. Having beautiful lights in any of your designs can surely mesmerize your audience. Lighting effects are powerful design elements that you shouldn’t miss. Even if you only insert a little of them on your design, it’ll still look great.

Lighting effects, no matter what they are, can surely enhance your artwork. This is a very popular trend in any type of photo manipulations. You can insert them to a whole new scene or to a premade photo. With Photoshop, you’ll be able to express what you want to express through your own design

In this list, you’ll explore some of the best Photoshop brushes that provide rays of lights effects. What’s great about these brushes is that you don’t have to create these effects from scratch. All you have to do is to download and use them to your artwork.

1. Light Beams Rays Brushes


The effects of these brushes are the same as those of spotlights. You can also use them if you want to have effects like a sunlight coming through branches. The average resolution for these brushes is 2250 pixels in size. The entire set includes 26 brushes.

2. Sparkling Light Effects


It’s an awesome set of 24 high-resolution light effects. They’re made exclusively by webdesigner.com. You can use them for free, either for personal or commercial purpose.

3. Six Free High-Resolution Glowing Light Stream


They’re a set of swirling light trails. You can download and use them for your personal artworks. With these brushes, you’ll be able to produce slick image with chill-out mix.

4. Light Effects Brushes Set


These brushes will help you produce a space scene in your artwork. They’re great if you wish to produce light and laser effects.

5. Light Lines


It’s a set of 13 brushes that you can use to achieve sharp-looking glow effects. The end result will be quite stunning to look at. Combine them with layer styles, you’ll get great results.

6. Sparklies Brushes


It’s a set of 29 brushes. The brushes are made of glitters, glows and sparklies. The designer also includes some tips and tutorials on how to use them to achieve stunning image.

7. Lighting Brush Pack


In this package, you’ll find 45 brushes. They’re compatible with CS2 and latest versions.

8. Fantasy Lighting Brush Kit


This set of 19 brushes is great if you’re working on digital fantasy artwork. The brushes will include light circles, sparkles, and natural lighting.

9. Light Brush Set


These brushes are made using Photoshop CS. The set includes sun, lighting, light rays, etc.

10. Mystical Light Effects


Are you creating a design that includes mystical light effects? Then these brushes will help you create such. The end result will look like you’ve created it for hours.

11. Odysee Brushes


With these brushes, you can transform your ordinary artwork into something extraordinary.

12. Glow Brushes


It’s made of 11 brushes that have been created using Photoshop 7. They’re very easy to use and offer your artwork cool effects.

13. Winter Breeze Brushes


It’s a total of 12 brushes. The effects are almost the same as those brushes used on a Pepsi can.

These brushes are free to use. They can offer interesting and active effects that will help your artwork stand out.

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