14 Free Retro Actions For Photoshop

Photoshop actions are automated sets of commands that are executed in a particular order to gain or achieve an effect on an image. Actions are usually used for fast photo editing and such, and are an alternative to downloading Photoshop Filters. In this article, we will give you some free actions for Photoshop that generate retro effect.

List of Free Retro Actions for Photoshop

Here are 14 cool retro actions for Photoshop:

1. Retro by ShadowsInMyEyes


This retro PS action gives you a warm and fiery effect when you apply it to your photo. It also sharpens the details giving it a more dramatic effect.

2. Old Retro Action by waterspirirtjess


This PS action gives you an easy filter of an image, turning it into a bright and faded retro-style photo. It is applicable to all kinds of images but works well with large ones.

3. Retro Action 1 by EceSB


This PS action generates a retro effect with a blue-ish color scheme, giving it a cool feeling of the photo.

4. Retro Summer Action


The opposite of the above mentioned action, this one generates a warm color scheme that is perfect for summer photos with a bit faded coloring.

5. Retro style ~ Koloryzacja by LoveMeBabyy


This PS action generates a retro effect that has a touch of sepia on it. Supposed you have a colorful image – it will instantly make it retro with its color scheme, sharpness and contrast.

6. Free Faded Retro Photo Actions by Ultralinx


This has mostly fading retro PS actions that are subtle and has some effects like mist and light effects. The results work well with any photo you like.

7. NoiseLess RetroFit Actions


Here is a set of 3 cool retro PS actions: Red x Blue, Green x Gold and Purple x Gold. Each of them generates a unique color scheme to your image.

8. Super Retro Action 001


This PS action generates a retro effect that has a lot of red in it, making the image having a warm color scheme and a high contrast.

9. Retro Action


This PS action generates a blue-ish with a touch of red or magenta retro photo with a heavy contrast and bright lighting.

10. Cold Retro Action


This is another high quality retro action that gives off a cool color scheme, faded photo contrast but still a vibrant image with its retro effect.

11. Retro / Cross-Process Actions by ArtOfDecay-Stock


Here are 8 unique retro and cross-process PS actions, including: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, cyan, magenta, violet, sepia and monochrome.

12. Old Photo Action by shagagraf


This PS action gives off a retro and high-contrast image effect, enhancing the shadows and has a little bit of chilly blue-ish color and some yellows.

13. Retro action by DistrictAliens


This PS action has a mix of different colors like magenta and green. It simply lightens the image for a retro effect.

14. Retro Intstagram Action


This set of PS actions is a bit similar to the filters used in Instagram, especially the X-Pro and Nashville filters, and it also includes a PSD. It has an easy Sharpen option to easily sharpen your retro-style photo in just one click.


Photoshop Actions are helpful and are an alternative to filters. They can be used by photographers, digital editors or even just plain hobbyists or just for fun! Enjoy these free retro filters and share it with your friends!

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