14 Free Sunburst Photoshop Brushes

Sunburst designs are often used as a background for Asian-themed, retro-themed or vintage-like posters, flyers, banners and the like. They can take on various shapes and thickness, and of course, different colors, mostly pastel or bright colors. If you are bent on getting these blast-from-the-past designing elements, here are some free sunburst brushes for you to download and use.

List of Free Sunburst Photoshop Brushes

Here are 14 free and high-quality sunburst brushes:

1. 10 High-Resolution Sunburst Brushes


Each of these brushes in the set are 2000px by 2000px thus making them super high quality brushes, all in different thickness of the sun rays. Even the shapes of each of their centers are different.

2. Rays of Light Brushes for Photoshop


This is a set of 20 sunburst brushes, all at 1000px by 1000px each, with different styles of sun rays: wavy, straight and even with circles on them. Some rays are thick and some are thin.

3. Funky SUNBURST by env1ro


This set is made up of 11 brushes, mostly with wavy sunburst designs. Each of them has different designs and different sunburst centers.

4. Sunburst Brushes 2.0 by CreativeLibraries


In this set of sunburst brushes, there are both solid brushes and brushes with feathered edges, most likely because the older brushes he made were too transparent.

5. Grungy Sunburst 01 Brushes by Minnie-brushes


This set works for PS7 and above and are perfect for grunge-type designs. It is made up of 6 brushes.

6. SunBursts by ammy


This brush set has 23 different designs, and they include both solid brushes and brushes with feathered or faded edges.

7. Sunburst Pop Set by Mixolution


This vector set has two sunburst brushes and some bonus Popsicle brushes as well, making it a great set for creating summer-themed posters or designs.

8. RisingSun Brushes by env1ro


This includes 18 brushes with a large file size (10 MB) but of course, high-quality ones. They have mostly grungy textures.

9. Curled Sun Stripes Brushes by DieheArt


This brush set has 20 curled sunburst brushes made for PS7 and above, and are of high quality. Each of these brushes has different centers, directions and designs.

10. 11 Cool Angle Wheels by Killa-Carry


This is made of 11 sunburst brushes which were inspired by Japanese designs. Each of the brushes has different thickness and number of rays.

11. Sun Stripes Brushes by DieheArt


This set is made of 8 brushes that were made in PS7 and useable in all versions. The sunburst rays are mostly thin and straight here, compared to the creator’s other brushes (curly sun stripes).

12. Sunburst brushes by Somonette


This is a set of sunburst brushes made in PS CS2 and are made of 24 great brushes with various angles of sun rays.

13. Free 2 Brush set Star and Sun by hoodphotography


For those who want an extra perk with their sunburst brushes, here is a set that includes a star brush as well. Both of them have 2500px high-resolution quality.

14. Brushes: Sunray by Mariesen


This set has 9 sunray / sunburst brushes, in which each of the brushes range from 600px to 1200px in size and a wide variety of sunray angles, thickness, and patterns.


Searching for and downloading free brushes is an easy task, just make sure that you have higher versions of Photoshop installed, because some brushes opt for higher versions to work. In that case, you can use vector images and custom shapes instead of brushes. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy these free and high-quality sunburst brushes!

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