14 Sleek And Free Themes For Vbulletin Forums

Vbulletin is the most commonly used platform for making forums because of its easy and user friendly GUI and settings. Much like WordPress, you can also select a theme for your Vbulletin forum. In this article, we give you free themes for your forum.

List of Sleek and Free Themes for Vbulletin Forums

Here are 14 free and awesome themes for your forum:

1. Metro


Metro is a theme with a light blue and white color scheme. It can also be customized with 10 colors and fully supports vBulletin Suite 4.2 and vB CMS. It has a modern style and also supports Google Web Fonts.

2. Newspaper


Newspaper has a theme that defines its name with a nice background and forum header designs of newspapers. The colors are, of course, black and white with gray.

3. Techron


Techron is another theme with a light blue color scheme. The fonts are okay and the overall theme looks clean, especially the header design. This is great for technology forums.

4. Love


This theme is mostly made for girly or fashion forums and the like because of its romantic pink color scheme. It has a nice header design as well.

5. Zen Heat


This theme has a fluid and modern style with a mostly white color scheme. It even has the PSDs for the header and footers. This is a great vBulletin theme design for technology or corporate forums.

6. Recipe


If you have a forum that is dedicated to cooking or cuisine, then this theme is for you. It has a lavender color scheme and a clean layout with custom icons.

7. Darkness


This is a simple but clean theme that is not your average vBulletin theme. The fonts are great and the layout is smooth. The color scheme is black with a touch of brown and has gridline background patterns.

8. BP Brown


BP Brown has a black and light brown theme with white fonts. It is a sleek theme that is perfect for gaming forums and such.

9. Dinda


Dinda has nice colors – a gradient orange / yellow with pink headers and menu colors. It also has a touch of black. This is a pretty and elegant forum theme.

Link to the theme: http://www.themesbase.com/vBulletin-Skins/6935_Dinda.html

10. Cars


This one has a yellow and white theme and is also quite clean with its layout and colors. It also has a touch of black in it. This forum theme is great for automobile forums.

11. Babies


This theme has a lavender color scheme with a touch of pink and lightness. It is a great vBulletin theme for forums about babies, parenting and the like.

12. Titanux


This is a nice and sleek theme with a gradient orange table background and a black header with metallic typography. It is perfect for gaming forums but also great for other forums of related fields.

13. Time Run


Time Run has a nice blue color scheme with a mix of green and dark blue. It can be used for any type of forum you desire. The typography of the header is also cool.

14. Tigra


Tigra has a nice color scheme that is a combination of red, dark blue and white with a bunch of gradient styles on the forum / topic tables. The layout is quite smooth and has depth.


Forums are a lot better with design that matches the forum’s purpose and topic theme. If you are looking for a good and free theme for your vBulletin forum, these are the best ones to start with.

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