15 common mistakes everyone makes in niche influencer

It can feel overwhelming trying to find the best influencer to collaborate with. There are so many factors to consider to ensure a successful marketing campaign. As long as you avoid making these common mistakes, however, working with an influencer should result in a beneficial relationship.


Don’t assume that cold-calling only pertains to telemarketers. Cold-calling refers to any unsolicited form of communication to sell products or services. Instead, try building a relationship with them first. Follow them on social media and engage in their content. Then, follow up with an offer to work together.

Working Outside of Your Industry

With so many macro- and micro-influencers nowadays, there is no reason why you should pick someone from outside of your industry. Work with someone within it so they can better relate to your product and target demographic.

Brand Contradictions

It takes more than a loyal followers’ base to make working with an influencer worthwhile. Their persona has to complement your brand in some way. With that in mind, base your decision on more than what you see in their profile.

Pay Doesn’t Equal Leverage

The risk of not being familiar with marketing trends is that you can end up paying an influencer too much or making an offer that is too low. You want to get the most for your money but you don’t want to undervalue what they can do. So, do your research.

No Clear Contract

Have a solid understanding of exactly what your end goals are when working with niche influencers. Are you looking to sell a specific product or service? Are you collaborating in hopes of expanding brand awareness? Make sure to get a contract that outlines the responsibilities of each party and includes a timeline with deliverables.

Too Many Products

Influencers that can’t seem to say no have social media platforms that look like one big infomercial. When an influencer goes to the extreme of promoting every service they’re offered, followers take notice. Customers want authenticity, not a human billboard.

Illegitimate Influencers

At the beginning of social media, we all took what we saw at face value. We have learned so much since then! A high follower count is an easy thing to manipulate. Check an influencer’s engagement rate; that’s where the real people are.

Public Product Bashing

Everyone has had a meltdown at some point or another, so there’s no need to hold that against anyone. However, if this influencer tends to lash out at previous partnerships, reconsider working with them. It may only be a matter of time before they get triggered and unleash it on your products, your company or your name.

Micro-Managing Is Bad

There is a reason why this person is an influencer. Because they make people stop and listen. Therefore, approach the collaboration with an open mind. Give them space to spread the messaging using their unique talents, as long as it’s in alignment with your brand.

But Misalignment Is Worse

Being on the same page in regards to the messaging is crucial. Just because you may not convey it in the same manner as the influencer doesn’t mean you can’t work together. But, if they’re not adhering to your overall vision, find someone else who will.

No Follow-Up

One of the biggest mistakes any business owner can make is not following up. Any number of issues can affect the plans you agreed upon; sickness, vacations, improper planning. So be sure to verify that you’re getting what you paid for.

Macro-Influence VS Micro

Business owners need to be realistic about their ROI. One common mistake is allocating their entire marketing budget to one macro-influencer. If things don’t go according to plan, there’s no money to fix the situation. Instead, hire a few micro-influencers with high engagement rates.

Focusing On Only One Platform

No, you do not want to spread your branding across all social media platforms. This can be a major waste of time, energy and money, especially when you’re a small business. However, don’t put all your marketing initiatives into a single platform, either.

Thinking Influencers Do It All

A popular complaint among influencers is that brands don’t engage with them on their networks. This is problematic for a few reasons. But, the main one is that an influencer who doesn’t feel supported won’t continue to endorse a product.

Going Against the Gut

Even if things have worked out beautifully, but you still have a nagging feeling about them, it’s okay to part ways. The subtle distinction between those who lead and those who are led is leaders follow their instincts.

This is not a one-time commitment so don’t approach it that way. As soon as you notice any of these mistakes, fix them. If not, you’ll end up with a much more complicated issue down the line.

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