16 Free Handy, High-quality Sponge Textures

Sometimes, you don’t have to create huge amount of details in order to come up with a good layout. Some great designs that you can find have subtle shading, shapes and textures. This can be achieved through the use of a vast array of tools of Photoshop.

Your goal as a designer is to make all UI elements look great to the eyes of your users. One of the best ways to create an attractive site is to use sponge textures. However, you can’t just use them with any site you’re creating. You need to evaluate your site and find out if such effects will affect or maintain its quality.

This list of sponge textures that you can obtain for free will give you a better understanding on how they can give your designs a ravishing result.

1. Sponge Texture by unfulfilledcanvas


This handy texture is available in 1936 x2592 pixels and in jpeg format. It’s free to download and can be used in any design you have.

2. Texture IV by MyTini


The image is in jpeg format having dimensions of 4272px x 2848px. This will give you different effects on your photo. Try experimenting with opacity and the blend modes to get great results.

3. Sponge Texture by H9Stock


The download image has better resolution – 3648×2736 pixels. This jpeg image can be combined with another beautifully processed image. To apply this texture, you need to start with a vision, i.e. what you want for your image to look like.

4. Spung2 by nadstock


It’s a dishwashing sponge image available in 736×552 pixels. Compared with other textures mentioned above, this one is slightly smaller yet it’s still useful.

5. Old Sponge 1 by chromostock


This image can be used in a 3D piece. It’s available in higher resolution, i.e. 3600×2400 pixels. So, when you import it to Photoshop, it may take a while to completely upload it.

6. Sponge texture package by bookscorpion


It’s packed with 5 images that you can download for free. If you used the images, then you’d have to use fewer layers. They’re better than creating multiple layers in one image.

7. Free Textures 23 by EbonyKate


This blue sponge texture can be combined with other images that you have. But remember to use a high amount of noise and reduce its opacity to create a wonderful image.

8. Industrial Sponge Texture by Danmandson


The image size is in 3648×2736 pixels. You can have an inner glow layer style with this image and add some highlights and shade to make a good picture.

9. Sponge Rock Texture – Stock by somnovore


It’s not a dishwashing sponge but it’s a rock. The free image is in 3648×2736 pixels. With that size, you don’t have to worry about pixellation.

10. Soft as Sponge by LewisTaylor


This free image can work with color and gradient layer styles. Just add a little bit of creativity and you can come up with a dazzling image.

11. Sheer Paper 1 by Just-A-Breathmint


You can use it in combination with other effects. It’s available in higher resolution of 1806×1762 pixels.

12. Sponge Free Texture by Free Stock Textures


This image was taken using Canon EOS 350D with a size of 3456×2304 pixels. It’s a rough sponge texture that you can use for personal and commercial purposes.

13. Orange Sponge Texture by Leeber


It’s available in different sizes; 75×75, 150×150, 100×65, 240×156, 320×208, 500×324, 640×415, 1024×664 and 3530×2290 pixels.

14. Black Sponge by Leeber


The image was taken using Sony DSLR-A350 and available in different sizes.

15. Brown Raw Sponge Texture by Mind Monkey


It’s an image of a rock taken using Nikon D80, so you’ll expect to download higher resolutions.

16. Green Sponge Texture by calamity13


This image can be used with other types of photos that you have. There are 9 available sizes that you can download. The highest resolution is in 2048×1536 and the lowest is in 75×75 pixels. All image sizes can be downloaded for free.

These sponge textures are ready for download. Just remember though, you need to follow its instructions on how to use them for commercial and personal purposes.

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