16 Free Paint Photoshop Brushes

Paint brushes can be used in two ways: for making background designs on vintage or artistic blogs and websites, or for use in digital painting, especially the paint-like strokes in these brush sets. In this article, we are going to give you free paint brushes for you to download and use.

List of Free Paint Photoshop Brushes

Here are 16 free and awesome paint brushes:

1. Paint Brushes #2 by loveace


This set contains 27 brushes, mostly watercolor and tempera paste, with resolutions ranging from 200px to 1600px or more. It is free for non-commercial use as well.

2. High-Res Paint Strokes: Set I


This is a set of 25 high-quality brushes, with the smallest brush size being 1836 pixels. It has a variety of paint strokes and even received a Daily Deviation (feature) on devaintART.

3. Finger Paints Brush Set by Juixeboxvisual


If you are looking for finger paint brushes then this is the set to use. It is 1.6 MB in size with a total of 20 brushes in the set.

4. 20 Painted Photoshop Brushes


This is an excellent set of paint brushes with mostly 1000px with a file size of 800 kb. An image file (PNG) is also available for lower versions of PS or non-PS users.

5. Brush Pack – Splashes of Paint by MouritsaDA-Stock


If you are looking for splatters of paint as well, then this is a great PS brush that was made in Photoshop CS2 and Illustrator CS2.

6. .19 – paint brushes by domino-88


This is a set of nicely-done paint stroke brushes, but is only allowed for non-commercial purposes, as they require permission from the author for commercial use.

7. Paint Stroke Brushes


This is made of 36 paint stroke brushes and was made with traditional paint and paintbrush, with Photoshop Elements 4.0.

8. Free Hi-Res Photohsop Brushes: Messy Spraypaint


This set includes 10 brushes of paint brushes, mostly 2500px in resolution, as well as some PNG files for lower versions of Photoshop.

9. paint stroke brushes 2 by chokingonstatic


This set was made in PS7 and includes 36 paint brushes of various brush strokes for free use, with credit.

10. Pain Trails Brushes by env1ro

This set contains 7 high-quality paint brushes, all with 2500px resolutions. It is only available for personal use, and needs author permission for commercial use.

11. Brush Strokes 2 PS 7.0


This set includes 44 paint brushes as well as an image pack (for non-PS users or those with low PS versions).

12. Go Media Spray Paint PS Brush


This is Go Media’s free set of 7 dripping spray paint brushes with 2500px resolutions, scanned from real spray paint, making it high-quality.

13. Abstract Paint by env1ro


This is a large, high-quality set of 8 PS brushes, made on PS7, all with 2500px resolutions. The file size is 9.1 MB.

14. Paint 05 by bomba101


This set was made in PS CS2 and is made up of 25 large grunge paint brushes.

15. Paint Brush Strokes for PS


This set contains 17 brush strokes, mostly in diagonal and at high resolution of 700 to 1000px.

16. Paint Stroke Brushes by Stock-extraordinaire


These paint stroke brushes are sharp and high in contrast, with resolutions ranging from 1000px to 2000px.


When downloading these free brushes, always take note that some brushes require higher versions to work. In that case, you can use vector images and custom shapes instead of the brushes. Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy these free and awesome paint brushes!

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