16 Free Pinterest-inspired WordPress Themes

Pinterest is a photo-sharing website where users can post or ‘pin’ their interests, hence the name. The site is in a pin board-style layout, in which the photos are arranged in columns so you can easily browse them. Here are free WordPress themes that are similar to the design of Pinterest.

List of Free Pinterest-Inspired WordPress Themes

Here are 16 Pinterest-like WP themes that feature multiple columns

1. Imbalance 2

Here is a simple starting theme for a Pinterest-like WP design. It has columned posts much like Pinterest and can be customized at your own will.

2. Shaken Grid (Lite)

This is the free version of their theme, but it is also responsive and very much like Pinterest as well. It has options for gallery layout, color schemes and other theme options.

3. Pinbin

Just like the name implies, this is another WP theme inspired by Pinterest. The columned posts are similar, but have titles and content excerpts for articles. It is also a responsive theme.

4. Sampression Lite

This is a great WP theme not just for photo blogs, but also for normal blogs to have their content arranged like Pinterest. The sorting method for posts is also dynamic and easy and takes just a few clicks.

5. Gridly

Here is yet another responsive WP theme that is somewhat like Pinterest in its design and grid style. It has a minimal design, two color schemes, featured images and much more.

6. Pinpress

Pinpress, as the name says, is yet another Pinterest-inspired theme that is responsive and modern. It has a high rating score at the WordPress Themes Gallery and can be customized as you wish.

7. Ultra Grid Theme

While not being thoroughly similar with Pinterest’s grid arrangement, this theme utilizes perfect square grids for displaying posts and their post excerpts. Hovering effects on the images are also present.

8. Shprink One

This is a responsive and customizable WP theme that is also like Pinterest with its grid / column layout of displaying posts. It has endless scrolling feature for posts.

9. Art Works

This free and responsive WP Pinterest-like theme has a modern design and perfect for showcasing works, mostly artworks and can be used as a portfolio theme as well.

10. Marla

This is a nice free WP theme that is also similar to Pinterest with its grid designs. It has a blue color scheme, a search box and hover effects on each post.

11. Modern

This is a great WP theme for black and white photo or portfolio blogs in which the content arrangement is also similar to Pinterest with grids and columns.

12. Photum

This is a nice and professional-looking WP theme that’s like Pinterest with content arranged in a grid. It is perfect for photography blogs.

13. Aperio

Aperio is a nice WP theme that is also like Pinterest, with posts arranged in grids. Except that in this one, a featured post is larger than the rest of the posts.

14. The Columnist

Like the name says, it makes use of Pinterest-like columns to display posts, arranged in equal sizes and has a minimalistic design.

15. Grid Theme

This theme is not only responsive and Pinterst-like, but also minimalistic, a modern (black and white) design, and has social icons as well.

16. Paragrams

This black and white WP theme is also like Pinterest with its layout, and has a simple but professional look.

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