18 awesome and free paper textures you can use (2015)

List of 18 Awesome and Free Paper Textures you can Use (2014)

Here are some high-quality and free paper textures for you:

1. Grungy Paper Texture


This paper texture has light blots of stains like coffee or other stain material, and is also slightly creased to give that vintage look. It also has dark spots on some sides of the texture.

2. Tea stained Paper Textures


Here is another set of hand-made vintage paper textures, but this time, spilled with tea. It has 12 pictures on the pack.

3. Early 20th Century Paper Textures


This is a truly vintage paper texture set It ranges from slightly clean to slightly stained, and one of them even has torn edges.

4. 5 Isolated Real Old Paper


Here is a pack of super high resolution JPG files at high DPI’s as well (240 dpi). It has both old brown paper and white paper for you to use freely.

5. Grungy Paper Texture V5


If you want a plain and simple but still organic and vintage paper texture, then this is a great one to use. Unlike most paper textures, this one is slightly dirty white.

6. 8 High-res, Vintage Paper Texture


This is a set of 8 vintage paper designs. Some of them have writings and marks on them to really give you that old classy feel. They were taken from real 20th century books.

7. Free Wrinkled Paper Textures


This is a heavy collection of wrinkled paper textures which are not only of high resolution but also colorful. It includes some seamless versions of the paper textures as well.

8. Lisabarbero Dot Com Paper Pack 2


Here is a set of 5 high quality and high resolution (300 dpi) free paper textures that come in different shades: dark brown (mahogany), faded blue-gray, faded gold or corn yellow, dirty white and cream.

9. 7 Free Anqitue Paper Textures


Here is yet another set of free vintage paper textures. It includes 7 high resolution images created by Dustin Schmieding and is a popular set of paper textures.

10. Fibrous White Paper Texture


This is a nice white paper texture that is clean and simple for all your minimalistic or vintage needs in designing. It comes in two sizes: 3264 x 2448 and 1632 x 1224.

11. Textures: Paper


This has a wide variety of paper textures, not just vintage ones or brown ones. It even has lined papers from notebooks, pad papers, blue paper and other materials.

12. 9 Paper Textures


Here are some fabric-like paper textures that come in various shades of colors and have sharp details.

13. Coffee Stained Paper


In the earlier texture we mentioned tea spilled paper, and now we give you some coffee stained paper textures for free use.

14. 6 old sheets of paper textures


Each of these 6 textures has 1000x750px resolution and a vintage feel.

15. Seamless Paper Textures


Here is a set of vintage and seamless paper textures for you to freely use with different variations and colors.

16. Colored Vintage Paper


If you want a rather colorful package of paper texture then check this package out. The colors are very vibrant.

17. 14 High-res Paper & Canvas Textures


This not only includes ordinary paper but also textures of canvas surfaces.

18. Graph Paper


For engineering, architecture or other geek design needs, a graph paper texture could be of good use.


Paper textures are useful for websites or print media, or even 3D elements.

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