18 Creative Retro Fonts That You Can Download For Free

Retro fonts are in demand these days. The nostalgic feeling that they can offer make them more appealing to web designers. More and more web designs are going for the grunge theme and using a design from an era in history. You can use them for your café site, hardware shop or fast-food theme.

However, just because they’re popular doesn’t mean you should use this style. You still have to follow some guidelines of creating a wonderful font for your design.

One of the rules you should consider is to choose an appropriate font for your content. Retro fonts are appropriate if your site has an antique theme. But some sites do use them even if their theme doesn’t tackle anything old.

In this post, you’ll find vintage font collection that you can download. They’re free to use. But before you use it for commercial purposes, you’ll have to follow what’s written on its license agreement.

1. Ginga

One word to describe this font – posh. It provides your design with an old-fashioned theme. Although it’s posh, it’s not too fancy for the vintage trend.

2. Riesling

This font gives you a nostalgic effect that can awaken your memories and feelings of what retro art is. It’ll make your project stand out for its uniqueness.

3. Malgecito

It’s another great style that you can use if you’re trying to create a compelling and innovative design. Mixing it up with the latest trend in web designing and using this retro font will give your design an old retro feel.

4. Airstream

This one is actually semi-retro. It has a touch of modern style and vintage feeling. It’s usually used in a brand of clothing and shoes. But you can use it in designing a wedding invitation.

5. Remachine Script

It’s not created in the past century but it can give you the retro style that works on any design, be it a website, a flyer, or a calling card.

6. Appleton

It’s made by Decade Type Foundry known for making retro style designs. This one is free to use for personal purposes and not for commercial ones.

7. Blessed Day

It goes well with any type of layout and background, as well as texture. But you’ll have to adjust its space and individual letters to create a beautiful retro feeling.

8. Matchbook Typefaces

You can see this mostly in children’s theme site. It’s not too tiny. Another great thing about it is that it’s not widely used so your design will be as unique as you want it to be.

9. Embossed Black

No doubt about its vintage appeal. This is great on screen or in print. With it, you don’t have to omit some details to render well on your presentation.

10. White Rabbit

This one works well even in small sizes. It’s very readable even on 10 px.

11. Deftone Stylus

It’s made by Larabie Fonts known for its beautiful, retro styles. This is perfect if you used it as the main title of your design. This will also do well in smaller headlines.

12. Nashville

This style is very Western. This is ideal for poster making just like the ones you see on a cowboy-theme movie.

13. Moonlight Shadow

This isn’t only great for vintage theme but it’s also ideal for Halloween. Sadly, this is only for personal use. You may contact the designer if you want to use it for commercial reason.

14. Seaside Resort

Designed by Nick’s Fonts, it’s not too vintage so it’s perfect if you have semi-retro style in your own design. It’s available in 194 glyphs.

15. Friday Night Lights

It’s not only great for vintage theme but it’s perfect for different types of projects. Thanks to its versatility.

16. Andes

This is usually used in main titles. Its size is just enough to draw attention.

17. Top Speed

It’s the font used in a certain brand. It’ll be great for t-shirt or poster designing.

18. Broken Poster

It’s available in 218 characters. This font is a letter style that you can use in different projects.

Whatever fonts you choose, you must not overuse them. Although retro fonts are versatile, you should only use them in moderation. The best thing about them is that they’re free to use. So you can easily experiment on them and find out which one suits your design.

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