18 Free Music Player Ui Psd Kits

Music player designs can vary depending on your site, blog or application theme, so it’s best to grab some freebies from the Internet if you want a nice music player UI design.

List of Free Music Player UI PSD Kits

Here are 18 free and great UI PSD kits for music players:

1. Music Player UI kit PSD

This design has a dark/black UI theme with glowing pink elements for buttons and the volume controls.

2. Dark Music Player UI Kit

This design is a bit similar to the above one, except with a lime green glowing color for the content and volume controls.

3. iTunes UI Kit

This UI player kit is inspired by, of course, iTunes designs. You can see that the graphic elements are similar to the program.

4. Music UI kit for Web & Mobile Phones

This one has a golden / orange design and a shiny appearance with its buttons and sliders. This is a great kit especially if you want an oldies or radio-style interface.

5. Cute Music Player by DahnDesigns

If you want a small, cute and compact music player, then this might get your attention. It has a smooth layout with a touch of red elements.

6. Music Player PSD by Slavory

This one has 3 color designs and a sharp square motif to it. The typography is nice and perfect for HTML5 sites.

7. BlackUI v1 – Free PSD Source

This UI kit is not just for music players but also for video players and website designs. It is black with a touch of light blue and white.

8. Music Player Interface for iPhone

This is a unique black and yellow UI media player kit that has the play button surrounded by the track bar and the media controls.

9. Music Player v1.0

This mini music player has a brown minimalistic design that can be a widget for any site as well.

10. Stylish Music Player PSD

This small UI media player kit has a touch of light red and a dark blue-gray interface. The album art is outside the player.

11. Freebie 05: Music Player

This is a modern purple-themed music player that has some neat typography and futuristic design and UI.

12. Media Player Interface

This is a very sleek and futuristic music player UI kit that you can use freely. The color schemes are in blue and gray.

13. Music Play by sky

This is yet another sleek and modern UI kit, and is a mobile music player for iOS. It has a simplistic and flat design.

14. Hi-Tech UI Kit

This is a futuristic music player UI kit that even has equalizers, switches and bar visualizations.

15. Wood Music Player

This is a simple mini UI kit that has a playlist on the left and a dash of blue and gray, with its black color scheme.

16. Mini Spotify – PSD

This is a music player that is inspired by the Spotify player and has a smooth layout. It has a dash of green and white on a black, vertical player.

17. Media Player UI

This comes in both music and video player and has a white color scheme with a touch of other colors.

18. Freebie – Music Player

This is a simple mini player that has a dark color scheme with a touch of gray and orange.

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